my cars for 3d

dr_dodge Sunday, 11/13/2022

This is my first time submitting cars.

tried to do a nice job on them

Spring Break'r  & Beer run

a last cruise by the dinner

Spring Break'r is the el camino
the girls are american diorama
both cars have bikini clad drivers

the water is clear acrylic

both are painted testors color change

blue/purple  &  green/copper

Beer run has hand cut T tops,
7 cases of beer, 2-3 wine barrels, 2 kegs, and a whiskey barrel in the interior
buick GN on a 80 Camero lower

Spring break'r has, well, girls....
(80's MTV kinda feel)
current run el camino

and by the weight...
the girls are 2.7g each


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SpyDude 11/13/22

Well done! Nice work on both of them!
Even if they don't hit the track, they will look good in the infield.
I hope you took a LOT of pictures of them - they sound totally cool with all the little details!

  • they turned out real well, I kinda surprised myself — dr_dodge
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Chaos_Canyon 11/14/22

Did you check with 3D about the El Camino? It said no trucks, cars only. Not sure if he considers it a truck or not. It would suck to send them and get DQ'd on a technicality.

  • I did not check, Oh well, too late now. I never considered the el camino a truck. Pretty infield eye candy if nothing else — dr_dodge
  • 3d has approved el caminos — Redline_Salvage_Inc
  • Cool. Happy they can compete. — Chaos_Canyon


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