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Jabo66 Tuesday, 8/6/2019

Hi all! I'm former aircraft mechanic from the Atlanta area and I'm 53. Three months ago I bought a few loop kickers and corner kickers and set up a track in the living room to entertain the grandkids. I don’t know who had more fun, them or me. So I decided to convert the gym/bonus room into the “hot wheels” room. After a few weekends and many different track configurations I realized the kickers are cool but a pain in the butt to reset after each run…and gravity is FREE!

This is my latest run, 90 feet long with two 90 degree turns and four 180 degree turns. Fastest run has been about 9.78 seconds from 2005 FTE What-4-2. As you can see, my finish line is need of a upgrade.

What happened to 3DBotMakers 2 and 4 lane finish lines? Help, I can't figure out where to buy them. 



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redlinederby 8/6/19
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Welcome to the club!! And that's a hell of a setup you got...nice little loft to play in. Man, you're ready to race with that track too. Prepare to get recruited.

As far as the 3DBM finish lines...that guy is always on back order due to how popular they are and how much time he puts into his YouTube channel. Best you can do is reach out to him directly (you can PM him here) and ask, maybe put in some sort of pre-order. The demand far outweighs the supply, which is a good problem for him, but doesn't help us race with his awesome stuff.

Anyhoo...again, welcome and I hope you have fun sharing and learning while you're here.

  • Thanks RLD! I need to work on my car inventory as most mainline cars won't even make it down the switchback course. The 2005 & 2006 Faster Than Ever cars I bought fly down the course....could use some help on what type of fast cars to buy. — Jabo66

Welcome to Redline Derby Racing...this is the place to immerse yourself in the hobby...just let me know of any questions about joining a race or hosting one...Welcome to the Club!!!

Peace and Speed - League of Speed 

  • Thank LoS! I would like to enter your Bootleg Run's race but don't have fast open wheeel cars just yet. — Jabo66
  • Build some...but stocks are of course allowed — LeagueofSpeed
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