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cdg Sunday, 1/9/2011

Hi folks,

Thought i'd join the forum and say hello. My name is Damo, and i collect diecast, mainly 1/43 and 1/64.

Im also a hotwheels tragic, and buy more than i should. Im keen to setup a redline derby race in Canberra Australia. Racing myself is getting a bit old.

I have a diecast blog at and when i get the time i post about what ive bought or traded.

Im glad to see that customising cars is appreciated on this forum (or is it compulsory?)!


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redlinederby 1/9/11
Site manager

Hi Damo, welcome to Redline Derby! I'm glad you found us here and hope you get a chance to check out the Redline Derby blog and even the Redline Derby Fantasy League (which is ending a season soon, but still worth a look).

Main RDR blog -
Fantasy League -

I think you'll find the Redline Derby crowd is a passionate bunch that loves racing, modding and everything in between.

If you have any questions about Redline Derby specifically, just PM me or post here in the forum.

Otherwise, again, welcome!!

~Brian, manager

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