NFS Underground-style Drag Track with Limited Space

revesburger Thursday, 9/30/2021


I would like to make a drag track that resembles Need for Speed Underground. This would be built using cardboard and/or other materials but the main challenge is making it look realistic.

Length-wise, a 1:64 quarter mile would be almost 6 meters long (if I remember correctly), plus run-off area, and I don't have that much space. Also, based on NFS and Fast and Furious, cars should take about 10 seconds to complete the track.

Here is the question: what would be the best alternative to build such a track with the limited space I have? Maybe 4 to 5 meters tops. Should I use camera tricks and a smaller drop angle so cars still take 10 seconds over whatever track length I have?

Bonus question: in NFS Underground, drag tracks were just regular roads so they were not 100% straight. how do you guys feel about this?

Thanks a lot



I think you will run into a couple of problems here.

1)  It will be almost impossible to make the Hot Wheels complete a scale 1/4 mile in 10 seconds.  That would seem extremely slow for the cars.  Most tracks this size take less that 2-3 seconds to run.  Some YouTubers will slow down their playback speed to get the viewer to be able to see the action while still seeming fast.  But you might have to slow it down too much to meet the 10 second mark, making it seem unrealistic. 

2)  Trying to get a large track to fit into a small space is no easy feat.  I, too, have about 5 meters to work with.  I decided to have the track turn back on itself and finish on the same side that it started.  The problem with this has been the advantage the car on the inside of the turn has.  To negate this, I've had to run the same cars multiple times alternating lanes until I get one car to win twice in a row.  This will take away from the realism you are going for in an old fashion drag race.

For your bonus question, I say build it the way you like it.  You can have whatever turns or twists you like.  That will make your track unique and stand out from regular straight lane drag tracks.  However, some builders prefer the straight track as it is less likely their builds will fall victim to a chance swerve that may negate their modifications for racing.  I don't think you will have a hard time finding racers for your track though.  We seem to have a surplus of racers looking for tracks to submit cars to.

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