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DXPRacing 7/14/20

I think I want in this too. DXP Racing!  

But no FTE's correct?  

  • Ftes are allowed — NDeavers80
  • Are you allowing outside modifications as well such as wheel well enlargement? — DXPRacing
  • I would like the body to remain stock in appearance — NDeavers80
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72_Chevy_C10 7/15/20
Event coordinator

Hey Guys,

I'll see if I can get one ready for this race...105g, should be fun :)

Can you let me know the address to send an entry to? Thanks.

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TheMakersBox 7/19/20

"'70s Van", aka "Super Van" allowed?  That seems to be the only current peg-hanger the fits the bill.

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Peter_Bee 7/19/20

I have a couple of plastic body vans, but plenty of time to find some metal ones so Peter Bee is in!

  • Good luck — NDeavers80
  • I never did find any metal bodied vans, and I'm not happy with the ones I have, so I'm going to pass on this series. — Peter_Bee
  • That's disappointing but I understand — NDeavers80

Do you have links or information about the tracks we will be racing on?

  • My track is in the track directory. Its since changed to seem less but everything else the same — NDeavers80
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Mayfield41 7/23/20

I need to pull out of this event. I have lost parts to one and the other is a lot more to mod than I originally thought. 

Hey Nick,

Sent you a msg, the Vans are in the mail.

Fingers crossed they meet the deadline!

Cheers all

  • Just responded. Good luck — NDeavers80
  • Things are going ok so far with the post. Latest update : Most recent update Cleared and awaiting international departure SYDNEY NSW Date & timeMon 3 Aug • 10:45pm" — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Making good time so far: Most recent update Arrived at facility UNITED STATES Date & timeWed 5 Aug • 8:00pm — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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NDeavers80 8/4/20

Fractal Panda in the house.  About to do tech inspection. 

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Will be getting this thing out in the mail in the next week or two....

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NDeavers80 8/11/20

Marc D in the house. Can't do tech inspection until tomorrow.  

  • Fantastic, Thanks for posting Nick! However the cars go, I just just say, it must have been the irradiation! Cheers! (I got lucky with this mailing, got there in fair time!) — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Glad that they made it. Good luck — NDeavers80
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Dadvball 8/16/20

Nick, can you count me in for 1 and send you addy info please?  Thanks. 

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