Painting HW tracks

SilverFoxRacing Friday, 4/14/2023

What kind of paint or other same art materials can be used to paint a track (such as the orange track) as whole or create road markings on them that will last long? Any tips and advices are also welcome, thanks!


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Crazy_Canuck 4/14/23

I haven't painted any tracks...but I'd probably start with a Krylon Primer Gray...if it says it binds to plastic that would be preferable...also...if you smudge a little graphite on the track that would help with wear...

another thing I've noticed with a lot of tracks is the dirt/dust/debris that accumulates over time. This will definitely take a toll over the long run...

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Chaos_Canyon 4/14/23

Most paint will stick to it to begin with, but everytime you disconnect/reconnect the track it will start to flake off. You should also give the surface a light sand before painting to help adhesion.

I have tried standard rattle can paint, etch primers and plastic specific paints and they have all cracked off the surface if I have to adjust the track a lot, so I either set the track in place and paint it, before the rest of the diorama is done, or paint it last and install it as soon as it is dry enough to touch.

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dr_dodge 4/14/23

I have been wondering the same thing

I want the bridge out of orange to look pavement

does a flat (vs matte, gloss) surface seem to slow down the cars?

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AP3_Diecast 4/19/23

This is my experience paintign orange track.  Get the track setup, working, and pieces cut to length if needed before painting.  I used a hi grit sandpaper (i think 600), but I think a fine 000 steel wool would also work, just to scuff up the surface a little.  This helped the paint stick, but it's not impervious to scratching easy or in some cases flaking off if too much of a bend is put on the track.  I used a Rustoleum satin finish which gives the surface a little sheen and actually blends in pretty well with Crash Racers or printed track.  I then re-assembled the track.  This did make my cars run slower and I've read other people having the same issue.  I took some cornstarch (baby powder would also do) and a soft makup brush and brushed the track down with a fine coat which did seem to help speed things back up.  I'm not sure it's as fast as without paint, but I've been pretty pleased with the results.  You'll just have to re-dust it every so often depending on how much use the track gets.  Hope this helps.

  • Good comment. I have used both enamel and acrylic paint on the orange track after a light sanding. Then I spray a coat of Rust-Oleum clear matte which brings the speed back up... oh, say, 90% of what it originally was. More importantly, it's staying attached and not flaking off. — GravityThrottleRacing

I used flat black primer and it worked even seems to hold up against scratches fairly well so far

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dr_dodge 4/20/23

I was wondering if dye (for clothes) would work.  I have dyed stuff with the kids, and it makes a heck of a mess, and stained the table pretty bad.  Changed the color by soaking it.

Figured I'd pick up some concentrated dye and test it 

I'll keep you posted

  • Was about to post the same thing...I have "custom" colored full cars with original paint. R.I.T. die is what I used however the clothing version didn't work, need the "general use" type of R.I.T. it's orange so maybe green would make it look more road like, and certainly wouldn't slow the cars. — AndySeaman
  • Dye*** — AndySeaman
  • rit is what I've used before. liquid and powder. maybe powder would be better? why green? color wheel thing? — dr_dodge
  • Yea color wheel thing :) no harm in straight black either. — AndySeaman
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Crazy_Canuck 4/20/23

Dunno why I didn't think of this before...but there is the car customizers favourite...PLASTI-DIP! 

  • thats intriguing — dr_dodge
  • I have some, I tested a car and was wondering how it would work. Would have to be the spray and not the dip though. — VantheMan
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VantheMan 4/21/23

Maybe flex seal?

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