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Count me in for 1, please!

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RaSungod 5/4/21

If it's not full up, I'm in for 1.

I am in for 1 car

Please count me in for 1 car

.  Thanks 

I'll be doing this one, for sure!

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Dadvball 5/4/21

Just realized its 1 entry per household and asked to put me down for 2.  Figured you've already caught it and I'm down for 1 but just want to make sure. 

  • Yeah, I changed it from 2 to 1 so everyone will be 1 car now. Sorry for any confusion. Response has been great so would rather have more individuals than cars. — redlinederby

Live Young Die-Cast is in this for sure! Looking forward! 

Voxxer Racing   1 X pls

EightOC Racing is in.

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redlinederby 5/5/21
Site manager

Field is full

If you still want in on this race, just keep an eye out for any drop-outs. There's plenty of time for things to happen.

And thanks to everyone for your excitement and support in this event. I honestly didn't expect it to fill so I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone can do with a Porsche.

And a reminder for everyone signed up...this is 1 entry per household. It was originally 2 but I had to change it to 1 to keep things fun and manageable. Don't send 2 cars.

Can I get in on the waiting list?

  • Sure thing. I added a roster to the first page so check that for any open slots and I'll try to call them out when they happen. This is still a ways out so probably a few will change. — redlinederby

can i get a spot on the waiting list please 

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