Redline Derby NewsPSA: Please avoid using AngelFire for hosting

Just a friendly PSA to avoid for hosting purposes like images, etc.

That domain name triggers some malware warnings and thus has the potential to blacklist the RLD site from Google and beyond. I've removed offending posts as I've found them and I have no reason to believe they cause any harm to anyone...looks like they were used for image hosting only, which isn't a problem. But nonetheless, Google and Co. don't care, they just track if people report the site.

This happened once before long, long ago and not only did it take weeks for me to repair (meaning the site went offline), we did get blacklisted and it took an act of god to get things back on track.


Best site for hosting is Tinypic, imo. Does not require periodic logins like Photobucket does and can easily translate photo images like any other website.

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