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Ram Rod 400 - Accepting Entries

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MrDarq 9/1/21

Hey Tow, Mr Darq is in :)

Team: Dubious-Diecast

Sponsor: Darq-Arts

if numbers requires 13 please. 

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This is right up my alley...... What most of my builds consists of lol!!!!! 


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Stomper68 9/1/21

I'm in Brother !!!

Driver: D-Lo

team: Code 3 Motorsports 

Hails from: Louisville, KY

I'm your huckleberry

Driver: Tain

Team: Indiana Diecast Racing

Would a Lethal Diesel count?

  • Only if the motor is taller than the roof. — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Depends on if you look at the front of the roof or rear. The front is definitely lower, the rear is a little higher. — SpyDude

Can i please join in the fun

FUMO Diecast Racing

Driver Fern

Yes please!

Live Young Die-Cast / LONE STAR

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RaSungod 9/1/21

Ra Sungod of Ra Sungod racing is in!

  • Also: I'm not sure how I feel having a rule expanded on due to my lack of paint skills... LOL — RaSungod
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RLoRacing 9/1/21


  • No no no no! Your cars are too fast at The Rim... lol — RaSungod
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Numbskull 9/1/21

I would love a spot.  This sounds awesome. 

Driver: Jack Daniels


Numbskull Racing.

NJ DRIVE RACING would lile to participate!    Purple Passion is goong under the knife (drill) to get ready!!!

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Too_kay 9/1/21

Count me in please! 2K Racing

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