RLD Inspired Track Build

rikkybiologic Tuesday, 4/4/2017

this is my first attempt to build hot wheels track. Inspired by RDL post about "How to build your own hot wheels track".

lets the picture talk.

track= 12 ft long

drop= 4 ft


Drag track:

With loop:

start gate:


thanks for all inspirations


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redlinederby 4/4/17
Site manager

Great start! Looked like a fun afternoon project with the boys. Keep sharing photos as your track evolves.

Sweet set up man. Real clean work. I like your start gate.

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Rusty 4/8/17

Great looking drag strip! I too like that see thru start gate..

thanks all for the comment, 

i bought the start gate from Indonesian online store "D-Tech Tuning"

just in case you want to see the store:


i made a simple video about the track and my cars:


and this


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Chopper 4/10/17

These are great videos and love that track! Thanks for posting. Just subscribed to your channel.

Cool vids. Thx for posting them.

just test onboard cam with xiaomi yi action cam

just for fun


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