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RLD Mini Challenge short series

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Just_Will 3/28/16

In the spirit of STDs (save the dates)... I just want to point out that May 28 is memorial day weekend. I know it obvious, but just in case, I wanted to save Brian some last minute finagling like what happened with Easter.

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redlinederby 3/28/16
Site manager

Thanks for calling out the holiday, Will, I totally didn't pay attention to that when scheduling...soooo...

I moved the date of the first back a week to May 26. The deadline of the 16th still stands and will be enforced. That gives me time to do a preview show and then race/results before the holiday weekend. 

The second and final stage of the series will be after that date. I'm not giving or enforcing any dates for other hosts as it's just unpredictable. Kick-off will be the 26th on my track, then things will go to 2Seven's track for the finish. I'd expect final results to go up no more than 2 weeks after, but that's all tentative.

...and I should really stop scheduling things for the end of the month, that's when all the holidays happen. Need to start eyeballing mid-month instead or something.

  • Don't go changing your system now...the next 2 big holidays happen at the beginning of the month. July 4th and September 5th. — Just_Will
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Eastbound357 3/28/16

This is perfect the mini race, my favorite challenge to build but, the 27th of May is my 32nd Birthday, that weekend is going to be awesome!!

  • 32nd birthdays are cool... i've had 27 of them... — fordman
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2seven 3/29/16

Guys I will be out of town the weekend of Memorial Day, although I will try to get this race in either before I leave or asap after my trip. Good Luck excited to see how you guys "shorten" your entries.

"who likes short shorts"


  • No problems...I probably won't get cars mailed that soon anyway — redlinederby
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JohnK 3/30/16

This is very cool. I picked up the Mutant Machines set that has a very tight chicane in it. Only the shortest wheelbase will make it. Does it have to be a real vehicle or can it be bump around, pedl driver etc? Meyers Manx fits the criteria as well as this awesome ride. 

  • Can be anything, just b within weight and size limits — redlinederby
  • JOHNK,?? NEW name?? WELCOME!!! Clever choice!! — CrzyTrkrDude

Worked on my first entry for this race over the weekend.  Flea market find VW with locked up wheels.  Here is where I'm going so far.  Liking the look of those wheels off the Solar Formula but not sure how they will hold up on the long track.  

There was a trade show 30 minutes from my home and I picked up three first edition Mini Coopers. Hot Wheels from around the '90s seem to roll much better than newer axles, shows how great the economic boom was in the '90s as 4 million jobs were created in the spring of '94.

  • imo... those lace wheels are the best wheels out there, axles excluded... — fordman
  • I agree Smitty. I have some cars with lace wheels and they are super quick. — Dadvball

Here's the storyline plan for one of my entries:

This Mini Cooper was designed for rally racing in Europe. However, it can and will easily be compatible for drag racing. After modifications, within the front and rear will sit two 2.9L VR6 engines. Special aluminum wheels will be added as well.

√Čtienne Aveline from Aude, France will be racing the Mini. He was to become a member of the AcceleRacers. However, the facility closed down after he graduated from college with a master's degree in automotive technology, causing him to join Tracksurgeon Racing as an alternative.

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Racetc 4/8/16

Just picked up an art mini today. I'm debating to send in over a few others will be checking weights tonight. I'm looking forward to entering my first race.

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Racetc 4/9/16

Will there be any weight differ from scale to scale. So like we have a gram from our scale to the one your weighing cars on? I'm curious knowing all digitalis read different. I'm currently sitting at 60.5, knowing the weight is 60 if I need to shave .4 that's fine.

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redlinederby 4/9/16
Site manager

There is always some leeway given to account for differences. I'll update the rules at the top, it'll be 2g grace. 

  • Is the 2g grace rules across the board for all races? I think it should be. — aircooled
  • It's up to the race organizer but I think most give an allowance of some sort — redlinederby
  • Those types of rules should be posted if they're not - easy thing to forget — redlinederby
  • Does this rule also apply to the all the Pro Series Races? If so can the rules be updated. — aircooled

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