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When: Monday, May 16, 2016

We all know the long-chassis cars are great for speed but frankly, I'm tired to seeing them, so let's see how we handle short cars. Leave your Cadillac and Way 2 Fast chassis in the garage this time and start digging out your Cooper Minis and short Bugs.

This is a modified, 2-track series tournament on the Ohio Connection between Columbus to Dayton. This is a Mix-n-Match tournament so you can use any number of cars/parts to build your entries.


After 2 tournaments

  • Voxxer - 140pts
  • Tracksurgeon - 100pts
  • EconoCarl - 50pts
  • gtaman - 50pts
  • 72_Chevy_C10 - 40pts
  • MoHasAFastCar -20pts
  • WizardofOZ - 10pts
  • CCRider - 10pts

Preview Video

Rules & Restrictions

  • 60g maximum weight
  • Cars must be less than 2.5" long. Width for standard orange track. Height max of 1.3"
  • Limit 2 cars per household
  • Any brand and casting allowed. You can mix-n-match.
  • No Hot Wheels FTEs 
  • Must be drilled rivets. No stocks allowed.
  • Dry lubes only


TBD. Something cool from the Redline Derby prize box.

How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're planning to enter. Then download and print an ID card and ship it along with your cars so they arrive at the address below before May 16.

Along with your entries, please include at least $3 if you want your car(s) returned. This will help offset some shipping costs. Any cars not returned will be donated.

Ship entries to:
Redline Derby Racing c/o Brian Vaughn
PO Box 842
Grove City, OH 43123

Scoring and Winning

Both tournaments in this series will be double-elimination tournaments. Each match-up will be heads-up race, one and done for both brackets. Lane selection will be random per random seeding order. 

Racers will score +10 points for each win in the primary bracket and will receive +20 points for winning a bracket. No points for wins in the loser's bracket. The racer with the most accumulated at the end of the series will be declared the winner and receive the prize & victory sticker.


Cars will be weighed and checked for length at the first track. Any cars that fail inspection will be removed from the bracket. If a car exceeds more than 2g beyond the posted weight limit, the car will be DQed. If a car exceeds more than 1/8" beyond the posted length limit, the car will be DQed.

If a car comes off the track they are given one redo. If the car comes off the track again, it receives a DNF and accepts the loss, continuing accordingly.

Tracks & Dates

This series will kick-off the week of May 23. Series racing will be held after that date.

  • Redline Derby Speedway - Columbus, OH
  • Park Place Raceway - Dayton, OH

Count me in on this Brian, it's a good challenge with the minis I will more than likely enter a Morris mini and a Fiat 500, looking forward to this one! Awesome idea!!!!

Forgot about the Fiat casting, good call

Although I won't be entering ( bummer) I, I have a question that might could bring ideas and more racers...

Can someone custom create a mini short axle car? 

Like, cutting the middle out of a Supervan?

Or say, shortening a car to where the axles are no further apart than a mini, fiat, or morris minivan? 

Just an idea. Might make for some wild builds...

Yes, however you want to build your car is up to you...chop, shorten, whatever...just as long as it rolls and is shorter than 2.5" you'll be good. I too hope to see some creative builds for this one. 

I had to reset my phone.lost bucket kicked the bucket
was gonna post a couple shorty custom van pics for inspiration. not able to.

Perfect race for the Jack Rabbit Special. Exactly 2.5 inches long, wide wheel wells for larger wheels and an opening rear hood. Designed by Larry Wood in 1970.

thinkin' Morris Wagon base with a '56-'57 T Bird bodied gasser...

No HW FTEs check the the rules again.

I'm in. I have acquired a couple all metal beetles in my collection from flea markets that I'm anxious to work on!

Good choice.

Anyone else been measuring cars? I was just looking through jammer cases for 2 particular cars. While doing so I got a ruler and started measuring what I thought were 'short' cars. Turns out that there aren't many that will fit in a 2.5 inch template.


If you're looking for a ready-to-go body, my template for the 2.5" was the Cooper Mini. The Morris Minis are well within that size too. The Fiat probably and maybe some Beetles.

But keep in mind you can chop and make your own body too. There aren't any restrictions on how this car needs to look or body style. Bust out that Dremmel and make turn that long car into a short car.

i think the mini has a tab underneath that lets the body pop off
The metal/metal Morris mini has a tab underneath, the "rivets" hold the plastic interior to the metal chassis.
The FTE version of the new beetle is the same way. I used two of those in the Beetle Bash last year.
I think the older castings of the mini allows the body to pop off. Diecast Motorsports did a page on it a couple weeks ago.
THE favorite give to kids car, they love the disassembly...

The Demon is also 2.5 inches long. (search results for Mini)

The link to the Mini article over on diecast Motorsports:

I have a special casting just for this race. It's gonna be a fun challenge.

It was Test-n-Tune day here at Team HalfFast's World Headquarters. The plan was to roll all of the 2.5" cars we could get our hands on purely for assessment purposes. I'm deadline motivated and very rarely touch a car until the very last minute. Well today we assessed, we tinkered, we tested and now our 2 entries for the RLD Mini Challenge are ready to go! Be scared!!!  

sloppies aint scairt ... but the .5 car does give the gremlins something to think about...

In the spirit of STDs (save the dates)... I just want to point out that May 28 is memorial day weekend. I know it obvious, but just in case, I wanted to save Brian some last minute finagling like what happened with Easter.

Thanks for calling out the holiday, Will, I totally didn't pay attention to that when scheduling...soooo...

I moved the date of the first back a week to May 26. The deadline of the 16th still stands and will be enforced. That gives me time to do a preview show and then race/results before the holiday weekend. 

The second and final stage of the series will be after that date. I'm not giving or enforcing any dates for other hosts as it's just unpredictable. Kick-off will be the 26th on my track, then things will go to 2Seven's track for the finish. I'd expect final results to go up no more than 2 weeks after, but that's all tentative.

...and I should really stop scheduling things for the end of the month, that's when all the holidays happen. Need to start eyeballing mid-month instead or something.

Don't go changing your system now...the next 2 big holidays happen at the beginning of the month. July 4th and September 5th.

This is perfect the mini race, my favorite challenge to build but, the 27th of May is my 32nd Birthday, that weekend is going to be awesome!!

32nd birthdays are cool... i've had 27 of them...

Guys I will be out of town the weekend of Memorial Day, although I will try to get this race in either before I leave or asap after my trip. Good Luck excited to see how you guys "shorten" your entries.

"who likes short shorts"


No problems...I probably won't get cars mailed that soon anyway

This is very cool. I picked up the Mutant Machines set that has a very tight chicane in it. Only the shortest wheelbase will make it. Does it have to be a real vehicle or can it be bump around, pedl driver etc? Meyers Manx fits the criteria as well as this awesome ride. 

Can be anything, just b within weight and size limits
JOHNK,?? NEW name?? WELCOME!!! Clever choice!!

Worked on my first entry for this race over the weekend.  Flea market find VW with locked up wheels.  Here is where I'm going so far.  Liking the look of those wheels off the Solar Formula but not sure how they will hold up on the long track.  

There was a trade show 30 minutes from my home and I picked up three first edition Mini Coopers. Hot Wheels from around the '90s seem to roll much better than newer axles, shows how great the economic boom was in the '90s as 4 million jobs were created in the spring of '94.

imo... those lace wheels are the best wheels out there, axles excluded...
I agree Smitty. I have some cars with lace wheels and they are super quick.

Here's the storyline plan for one of my entries:

This Mini Cooper was designed for rally racing in Europe. However, it can and will easily be compatible for drag racing. After modifications, within the front and rear will sit two 2.9L VR6 engines. Special aluminum wheels will be added as well.

√Čtienne Aveline from Aude, France will be racing the Mini. He was to become a member of the AcceleRacers. However, the facility closed down after he graduated from college with a master's degree in automotive technology, causing him to join Tracksurgeon Racing as an alternative.

Just picked up an art mini today. I'm debating to send in over a few others will be checking weights tonight. I'm looking forward to entering my first race.


thinking Pedal Driver ?

Will there be any weight differ from scale to scale. So like we have a gram from our scale to the one your weighing cars on? I'm curious knowing all digitalis read different. I'm currently sitting at 60.5, knowing the weight is 60 if I need to shave .4 that's fine.

There is always some leeway given to account for differences. I'll update the rules at the top, it'll be 2g grace. 

Is the 2g grace rules across the board for all races? I think it should be.
It's up to the race organizer but I think most give an allowance of some sort
Those types of rules should be posted if they're not - easy thing to forget
Does this rule also apply to the all the Pro Series Races? If so can the rules be updated.

I'm hoping to get my first build done and see how it does:

What's the blue stuff in there, clay?
Heads up.... you have no " covers " for the front wheels. If it does not stop square, bent axle.... end of race. Hope that helps.

Made a few updates to the rules, see top for complete details.

I listed grace allowances for weight and length. Also changed the racing to not be 2-of-3 but just one-and-done for each match-up. Lane selection will be random. I just want to try this out and see how it works and feels in light of what I learned from the Derby Dash.

Do rulers measure differently up north? :)
indeed, they contract in the cold...
Rubber ruler?

This might be a prize for this race...

"Shortbox" Chopped bed, Goodyear drag slicks, engine work

looks to be showing off... good stuff !

Here is one of my shorty shorts, I will post pics of my other one in a few days when I finish it.

I will unveil my other shorty short special casting tomorrow.

The Matchbox meter maid!!

I have to admit, I totally forgot that I had the perfect car for this race...

Just needs a little weight and some new sneakers ;)

Awww yeahhh! I had one of those as a kid!
Ha, awesome...that's a great little car...Gremlin, ya?
Ohhh HECK YEAH!! From the GREATEST 6 pack ever! Formulaa500,supervan, poison pinto,
Grinder, and I think a Mach Mustang?? Circa '75??
My brothers and got both the chrome 6packs for Christmas that year. Ohhh, the memories. I had the F/500 up til about 5 years ago. Near mint.
Lost it in a move. Sad day. Got left in the shed. Bummer.
Nice one!

I believe I'll have a Scion XB in this race.

Just drilled out a metal over metal VW bug... drilled and then filed a rectangular hole in the hood with bone shaker's induction peeking through... painted over the tampos on the white body with a big black sharpie, [Berlin cop car], a red rhinestone glued to the roof , front axle down under, needs weight and some 5 spokes...

 called ; "koppenshtopper"

cant wait... sounds cool
Say it ain't so . . . Schmitty building an IMPORT! LOL (you go Smitty!)
we fished all the time. '59 VW bug, my job, flip the reserve tank switch...

I plan on entering some bajas

One Scion XB in the mail today.  Nothing fancy, finding room for the weight was tricky.  The entire interior is full of modeling clay and BBs, probably should have removed the seats, but still got it over 50 at least.

One Gremmie, ready to go

Love the Gremlin
Find memories from my kidtime puts this little fella in the top rooting for spot. Sorry everyone else.
*Fond ( sandblasted autospell!!)
*Dangblasted. !!!! Lol
Thanks Boone...this little guy has been on my desk for quite a while. It's cool to see it together

Shortened Mazda Miata.......loading up and will head that way Monday.

So I was working on my car for this race and my boy asked what I was doing. I Told him I was building a little car to race in a mini race. He got all excited and said "I have a mini! I could send it in to race!" And he took off to find it. He came back a few minutes later with his Mini. I Sure am glad we can enter two cars in this race. 

So he's busy putting a custom paint job on the outside while I work on the inside. :)

Finished products coming soon!

Priceless. ......Tell him great job on the paint!
when i give out paintable cars i draw a profile and top view, make copies and color them till 1 you like. then paint

hhaha I like it - but being in Oz I'm afraid it's not financially viable for me to get involved :(

The Gremmie is on it's way...

tracking # 9505 5113 5444 6130 4835 66


Our two entries left TeamHalfFast's World Headquarters today.

2 cars headed from Kansas. 1 from me and 1 from my son who goes by Redneckracer on this site.

Tracking number 9500 1105 7711 6132 0402 70

Cars went out today tracking number 9500 1213 7211 6133 0000 92 sent in a pink metallic padded envelope.

Expected delivery is Monday 05/16

Been wailing on model A coupe and roadster bodies... i let the calender slip by me... the sloppies won't have "pony" in this race... go RLD Racing go !

Work got in the way.  Haven't been able to get to my workbench in a couple weeks.  I'm afraid I'll pass on this one as well.    

So I know you said to leave the Way 2 Fast chassis in the garage this time, but I like that casting so much I just couldn't do it.  My Dremel got quite a work out.  Maybe it should be called "Half Fast"?

Here is my boy's car with his custom paint job.  I think we'll call his "Old Played With Mini That Wasn't That Fast But Is Hopefully Faster Now", or "OPWMTWTFBIHFN" for short.

Cars are on their way.  Tracking number 9505 5130 0648 6133 4126 44

Cool Mini custom!!
Love the "Half Fast"

Will racing be done on Monday morning or night? My cars might arrive on Monday.

Racing is on Thursday May 26th
The mail in deadline is Monday May 16th

A Mini and a Miata are on the way. They'll most likely arrive on Monday unless if there's bad luck.

I'll be making a pickup tomorrow at the PO and then one final on Monday.

I'm planning on doing a live preview show either Tuesday or Wednesday night to show off these great builds.

Not sure if I'll do a live race results show for this one...might take the Raab way out and just upload videos as I go. Since this is a series I'll need to get the cars raced and on their way pretty quickly.

Also remember this isn't a 2-of-3 race, just straight up racing with random lane pick. And I have done my best to better my home track for fairness...hopefully it'll hold up.

Get ready, fellas, new racing is on the way!

Can't wait! Looking forward to the preview show!

This should be interesting. Really looking forward to this series.  

One the way. Sent last Wendsday. Hope they make it on time.

They made it.
Love the buggy, I have a real one, and about all the hot wheels variants

The last pickup was today and Tracksurgeon's was it, all the others got here this past weekend.

Preview show will be live Wednesday night at 10PM ET. Lots of great cars for this one so I'll be showcasing all of them.

After rearranging some of the lanes on my track and some test runs, I can confirm that the fairness has improved greatly. We should have some great racing kicking off soon. Remember, this is a 2-stage series so the second leg will happen after the holiday.

And if you haven't check out the Redline Derby Instagram page for more entry photos.

Yes! Stamps for the win!
Looks like our cars didn't arrive. Sent them usps priority a week ago. Tracking has them in limbo...sigh
Cars surfaced in zanesville - at least they are in the right state!!

Really enjoyed the Preview show. You do a great job.

To all the short series racers, I know rules are rules, but if Cliffordshaws cars arrive to Brian before the race would it be alright for him to still race as it isn't his fault they didn't arrive on time. I would have no objections to allowing his cars in the race.

I'm good with that. Love to see them in the race.
Let em race!
Thanks friends. Who knows what will happen? Package left Columbus last night. I don't know if that's forward progress or backwards!
I hope they make the race...the more the merrier!
Latest tracking has the package back in MA - I'm interested to see why it bounced back (assuming I get it back today or tomorrow)
So we are definitely out for this one. Good luck racers!

Is this race happening tonight?

I'm planning on racing tonight (Wednesday)...I should have some time. Still debating whether or not I'll post up videos on the fly or in a full video. Might try doing it as I go just to see how that works out and if it ends up crap then I can always do a produced version at any time. I have a feeling uploading as I go will take more time but we'll see...

I'll be doing Instagram photos as I race too, so you can casually watch that way too.

I'd like to figure out a nice way to do live streaming and just do that but logistics are a nightmare, plus then it looks like ants in footrace. ;P

Here's the bracket. I'll be running things late so I might not actually get video posted until Thursday night at this rate.

Okay, so Wednesday night didn't quite work out - nearly 11pm thanks to certain preschooler that won't go to bed, sooo...Thursday night it shall be. Sorry.

Race Day!!!!! I can't wait to see all the builds roll down that slick orange track.

Rock and Roll 'em !


In keeping with the Mini car theme I saw this,

I'm racing right now and I'll be doing per round results on Instagram, it's just quicker. Then I'll put up video in chunks later (hopefully tonight)

So the first leg of the series is in the books! And congrats to Voxxer Racing, both of his Honda CRXes ended up in the final. Lots of great, close, smooth racing in this one. I'll have video up within the next couple days.

I'll put points standings in the first post.

From here, the cars travel west to Dayton for the last leg on 2Seven's home track. Expect those results soon after the holiday.

Congrats Voxxer Racing!
Looks like econocarl's Syncro and my Scion need another shot at each other.
Congratulations to Voxxer Racing, Great engineering and craftsmanship equal great racers.
Congratulations Voxxer Racing, you have some interesting wheels on those cars.
Thx. Glad I did not have the same problem as the last race on this track.
congrats Voxxer... well done!
Congrats Voxxer! Apparently, my little Gremmie didn't like that orange track!
Good job Voxxer, the CRX was mean back in the day
Great job Voxxer. Guess my "Half Fast" really was only half fast! :)

Congrats to voxxer on the bracket domination!

In what I'm calling my personal "race within the race", the package containing entries from Rally Case and Weber Cabin has just completed its magical mystery tour of the northern states.  Over 15 days, this "priority" package traveled from CT to MA through several stops in OH, then back to MA, then back to OH where it arrived this morning at the Grove City PO.  After a quick refuel and some snacks, perhaps they can make Dayton....the drama continues.  

Go minis go!

Wow. I'll do a pick-up Monday and toss them in with the rest as they head to Dayton

Connecticut entries were picked up today, so I'll toss those into the box heading to Dayton. They should get shipped out tomorrow or Thursday. 

Awesome!! They better stop and het oil changes and tire rotations after those miles
Thank you!!

Sorry it got so delayed but the Mini Challenge cars got sent out to Dayton today and should be there by Wednesday.

This past week was crap due to the holiday and my cat almost dying.

sorry to hear that. thanks for all you do Brian!

Second race results ?

I'll give 2Seven a ping and see what's up

Any video of the first race? 

No, sorry, ran out of time to put anything together.
Hopefully 2Seven can get some footage
No worries.....I'm amazed and thankful for all that you do.

Guys I need to inform the group that I will be unable to fulfill my current hosting duty and am seeking someone to take my spot. I would like to share that after many unsuccessful attempts my wife and I are expecting our 2nd child. Between this and my current work schedule I am unsure when I would be able to get the races in. I am very sorry and apologize to the group for the current circumstances and hope you will understand. I am more than prepared to send the cars to another host asap. You may contact me at any of the info below to expedite shipping!


937-479-6812 text  

Understand, congrats on the new addition to your family! :)

Send me the minis.  I would love to run them.  I'll send you my address Matt.

Thanks. Let me know if you have any questions.
MoHasFastCar please pm me your address and thank you for your assistance!

Tracking #  9505 5154 3467 6174 0023 07


I have them.  Received on Friday.  Updates soon.

The globe trotting entries from Rally Case Racing and Weber Cabin Racing.

There's no "damage" really box and packing look good but some things have shaken loose.

Tracksurgeon's Mini has a loose weight rattling around.  I can attach it to the roof w/o opening, let me know.

Voxxer's CRX with the black stripe body and chassis have separated.  I can reattach if you like.  Looks like it would race fine as is but I can't pick up by the body and it would likely separate every finish.  Want me to fix?

McJiggles/Weber Cabin's Jetta needs work.  The weight is loose and rear wheels are detached from the chassis and it won't roll as is.  I'll have to open to fix.  That ok?

Totally ok to work on the Jetta. Just make it faster! :)
Please do your best on the repairs.
Status of repairs and date of race.

The weights on my mini can be sealed back together. Best not to have a maraca on wheels.

Cars are repaired, no incidents.  Racing Saturday.  Video Sunday.

So I had to number the cars to keep track.

Numbers assigned:

And here's the starting bracket.

So the Mini race is in the books and it will be worth a watch tomorrow, the results are not exactly what you might expect.  I'll give you one teaser hint though...there's a first round race the winner of which went on to win the winner's bracket, the loser of which went on to chew through the loser's bracket to earn a rematch...did he get his revenge?  Did he suffer the same fate?  Tune in to see.  

Also the loser's bracket had a bunch of match ups that you might request if you were requesting some down ballot pairings.  

Track is still up, if any one wants to make sure they get a shot at someone, let me know and I'll run it.  If anyone just wants to see any two cars go at it, again, let me know.

Ahhhhhhhh, man

Here is the race.  I know the thumbnail says loser's bracket, but it's the whole thing.

Cool...glad to see the Gremmie having a little fun!
Yeah, he performed more like you thought he would on my track.
Awesome ????

A word about the races.  Brian did a one and done race on his track.  With my segmented track it's pretty much impossible to make the lanes totally fair, and I know I would hate losing simply because of the luck of the I ran multiples with cars switching sides for any close races.  The video only has one of each race, but if you're thinking "damn if only I was on the other side" rest assured I ran it with you in the other lane and you still lost ;). 

Voxxer Black's body and chassis detached again after it's second race, sorry Voxxer, my repair didn't hold any better than the original glue job.  I don't think it mattered for performance though, it fit together again fine and secure for racing, only picking it up did it even matter.

Eastbound's Meter Maid is actually really fast, you'll see it get some good starts, and I was rooting for it cause it's weird, but it's both narrow and unstable it wiggled and wobbled and even fell over...there's probably a track it would perform well on...but not mine.

Introducing my track.  It's got a long gentle slope with no transition.  Slope is about half the length.  In this race, starting height is about 2ft above the run out.  Homemade flip up starter.  3DBot finish line.  The "catch box" is just a blanket with a piece of cardboard between the tracks to prevent collision.  It's old school segmented orange track.  I've wrapped the up track side of the connectors with a thinner than normal patterned duct tape which slightly narrows that side of the joint for a less snaggy connection.  It sits on my open track drag track.  Not a permanent installation.  This is my championship track, I only bring out these segments for special races like this.  I have a daily racer set of track segments that gets set up and taken down frequently, that gets tripped over by adults, stepped on by children, and barfed on by cats (really, more than once) didn't race on that track.

This is pretty much what you'll be racing on for the Mad Max / Monster car Pro Series race in October.  Starting height may be different.  If you're gonna push the limits for width, I would wrap a connector with normal duct tape and stick it in some orange track to see how much it constricts the track and make sure your car clears fine.  It's old school orange, lower sidewalls and no locking connector like they sell today.  I've used a slightly thinner than normal duct tape so if you're good with normal, you'll be fine on mine. 

I did a pre race test to make sure there weren't any cars affected by my joinery system, none were.

And here's the finished bracket.

This is the first mail-in race I've won so far!
Cool stuff, will there be any video of this?
MoHasAFastCar's already up there.

Final points tally FOR the SERIES following Brian's system...

Voxxer - 140

Tracksurgeon - 100

EconoCarl - 50

gtaman - 50

72 Chevy C10 - 40

MoHasAFastCar -20

WizardofOZ - 10

CCRider - 10

Top cars were Voxxer's Red CRX with 100 points and Tracksurgeon's Mini with 90....and honorable mention goes to me for having the most wins (more than even the overall winners) in both events - due the way the seeding worked out and the timing of when I entered the loser's bracket where I got most of my wins.

Seeding seems kinda like a raffle.
Not bad ... considering I had a car explode.
Edited to clarify those are points for the series.
Added final points to Results section in top post

Looks like everyone wants their cars back except Roll Research.  They should go out in a few days, a bit short on boxes at the moment.  Soon to be fixed.

If anyone else would like to donate their cars let me know.

I still can't believe I won the second bracket! Made my day!

Good Job !!
Yeah, that mini's fast. Surprised me.

I edited my points to clarify that's for the series, not just my race.  And gtaman, there is a video up already.

Cars will be mailed home tomorrow.  Thanks for the opportunity to race them.

Got my Cars back yesterday.

Me too. Carefully packed. Thank you for hosting!!

No cars here yet...  can I get a tracking number pm?

I had the pink and blue baja beetles
nvm, got them today

Cars arrived safe.    Thx !!!

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