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RLD Mini Challenge short series

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So I had to number the cars to keep track.

Numbers assigned:

So the Mini race is in the books and it will be worth a watch tomorrow, the results are not exactly what you might expect.  I'll give you one teaser hint though...there's a first round race the winner of which went on to win the winner's bracket, the loser of which went on to chew through the loser's bracket to earn a rematch...did he get his revenge?  Did he suffer the same fate?  Tune in to see.  

Also the loser's bracket had a bunch of match ups that you might request if you were requesting some down ballot pairings.  

Track is still up, if any one wants to make sure they get a shot at someone, let me know and I'll run it.  If anyone just wants to see any two cars go at it, again, let me know.

Here is the race.  I know the thumbnail says loser's bracket, but it's the whole thing.

  • Cool...glad to see the Gremmie having a little fun! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Yeah, he performed more like you thought he would on my track. — MoHasAFastCar
  • Awesome ???? — gtaman

A word about the races.  Brian did a one and done race on his track.  With my segmented track it's pretty much impossible to make the lanes totally fair, and I know I would hate losing simply because of the luck of the I ran multiples with cars switching sides for any close races.  The video only has one of each race, but if you're thinking "damn if only I was on the other side" rest assured I ran it with you in the other lane and you still lost ;). 

Voxxer Black's body and chassis detached again after it's second race, sorry Voxxer, my repair didn't hold any better than the original glue job.  I don't think it mattered for performance though, it fit together again fine and secure for racing, only picking it up did it even matter.

Eastbound's Meter Maid is actually really fast, you'll see it get some good starts, and I was rooting for it cause it's weird, but it's both narrow and unstable it wiggled and wobbled and even fell over...there's probably a track it would perform well on...but not mine.

Introducing my track.  It's got a long gentle slope with no transition.  Slope is about half the length.  In this race, starting height is about 2ft above the run out.  Homemade flip up starter.  3DBot finish line.  The "catch box" is just a blanket with a piece of cardboard between the tracks to prevent collision.  It's old school segmented orange track.  I've wrapped the up track side of the connectors with a thinner than normal patterned duct tape which slightly narrows that side of the joint for a less snaggy connection.  It sits on my open track drag track.  Not a permanent installation.  This is my championship track, I only bring out these segments for special races like this.  I have a daily racer set of track segments that gets set up and taken down frequently, that gets tripped over by adults, stepped on by children, and barfed on by cats (really, more than once) didn't race on that track.

This is pretty much what you'll be racing on for the Mad Max / Monster car Pro Series race in October.  Starting height may be different.  If you're gonna push the limits for width, I would wrap a connector with normal duct tape and stick it in some orange track to see how much it constricts the track and make sure your car clears fine.  It's old school orange, lower sidewalls and no locking connector like they sell today.  I've used a slightly thinner than normal duct tape so if you're good with normal, you'll be fine on mine. 

  • I did a pre race test to make sure there weren't any cars affected by my joinery system, none were. — MoHasAFastCar

And here's the finished bracket.

Final points tally FOR the SERIES following Brian's system...

Voxxer - 140

Tracksurgeon - 100

EconoCarl - 50

gtaman - 50

72 Chevy C10 - 40

MoHasAFastCar -20

WizardofOZ - 10

CCRider - 10

Top cars were Voxxer's Red CRX with 100 points and Tracksurgeon's Mini with 90....and honorable mention goes to me for having the most wins (more than even the overall winners) in both events - due the way the seeding worked out and the timing of when I entered the loser's bracket where I got most of my wins.

Looks like everyone wants their cars back except Roll Research.  They should go out in a few days, a bit short on boxes at the moment.  Soon to be fixed.

If anyone else would like to donate their cars let me know.

I still can't believe I won the second bracket! Made my day!

I edited my points to clarify that's for the series, not just my race.  And gtaman, there is a video up already.

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