Rookie tournament not so rookie due to rookie mistake

redlinederby Monday, 11/8/2010
Site manager

First race and already a bug creeps up. Despite my best debugging efforts, which clearly weren't good enough, I discovered during seeding that the Rookie Racers tournament didn't limit cars to the 1200 rating it was labeled as. As a result, cars above and below 1200 were allowed in the race.

Good thing is, this bug was available to everyone, so it's not like any one player was forced to pick a 1200 car if they didn't want to. So while I'm not happy about the bug, it's not really a major issue. If you ask me, being broken is fine as long as it's broken for everyone Nonetheless, this will be fixed immediately before the next tournaments open.

Just thought I'd share and admit the bug before the results get posted on the weekend.

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