Rubber wheels vs plastic wheels

compay59 Saturday, 9/30/2023

Hi everyone. I apologize but since there is no search string on this forum, I don't know if this topic has already been discussed.

I'm thinking of building an open track inspired by the one on 3dbotmaker's YT channel and about a dozen meters long (approximately 40 feet).

I have to completely rebuild my Hot Wheels fleet, since all the models my son played with were given to other children as my boy grew up. Since I am Italian and I love the motoring tradition of my country, I thought of immediately purchasing the Alfa Romeos from the "Spectacolare" series, but upon closer inspection I realized that they had rubber tyres, like many cars from the premium series of Hot Wheels.

At this point I ask myself (and I ask you): is it really to be avoided using cars with rubber wheels on a track full of 90 and 180 degree bends? Can this type of racing only be done with cars with plastic wheels to avoid too low speeds which at some points of the route could lead to unwanted stops or off-track exits?

I could replace the rubber axles and tires with new plastic axles and wheels but I'm absolutely no expert and when the track is ready I will start racing only stock cars.

I await your suggestions and I apologize in advance for the automatic translation.

Greetings to everyone



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FredD 9/30/23

Hey Paolo! I am new here too so I cannot help you with your question and will leave that to the experts... but I, like you, took a bit to get used to navigating the site. But there is a search function, it can be found at the bottom of the pages and I circled it in yellow so you can see it clearly in the screenshot below! Good luck with your cars!


  • ooops... many tanks FredD ;) — compay59
  • no worries Sir... there is a lot of great info here... great folks too! — FredD
  • isn't great since it's all Google but browse through the Forum collections and you'll find a wealth of topics about wheels and materials. — redlinederby
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DXPRacing 9/30/23

Rubber tires provide a lot of grip for turns on an open track.  Some make it work but generally this is avoided.  

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