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Rust Belt Lightweight Rally Series

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dribblybob 5/31/20

Count me in!

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Mayfield41 6/16/20

My chopped up 35 chevy, I think it is a zelmax.

Both ready to ship and take on the field. I did bring a medical staff if needed.

  • I love it Paul! I'm surprised there aren't more chop jobs — RustBeltRacing
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VoxxerRacing 6/17/20

Finished Voxxer Racing Double Vision Dart Red

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VoxxerRacing 6/18/20

Finished Voxxer Racing Double Vision Dart Black 

Our's will make weight and roll...other than that...I honestly don't know...

...but it's fun being out of the Wheelhouse for a change

  • These Zuru roadster have been good performers on the Canyon track - fast and being light they rarely wrecked — Chaos_Canyon

Blvd Bruiser...gonna have to actually add 7g...combo Mainline chassis and Color Shifter body...FTE package 

  • Where there's a will...there's a way! I'm tuning mine up tonight. — Mattman213
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Mayfield41 6/27/20

Did mine make it yet, I lost my receipt with my tracking info

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Mattman213 6/28/20


I mighta dropped the ball timing wise but I finally got my lightweights finished and tuned the best I can with the time I have.

Ended up putting together 3 (was working on 4) and then weeded out the two I wanted to send.

300c Plastic base and body laying around from when I built the Silver all metal FTE car.  Full interior and glass in this one as well!  I actually had another being put together as well but bailed on it for lack of time.

Tbird Stocker plastic all around from scrap as well

Chrome Corvette.  Plastic on plastic.  Oddly enough, I think this was an error car because it didnt have an interior when I drilled it out.

I really like the Vette BUT it didnt beat the original two builds which are neck and neck on my track so the 20g 300C and the LIGHTening Tbird Stocker are my picks.

I was supposed to mail them out today and completely forgot so Im pretty sure they wont be making it in time BUT Im gonna go Monday and see if I cant make it happen.  If they dont make it, maybe I can get a grudge race against the quicker competitors and see where I stacked up.  I hate that I might not make it as I was all over the idea when originally pitched and tossed together the 300c that moment to prove it could be done.  Oh well, is what it is!


  • I'll wait for you Matt! I'll put you in the spreadsheet for the draft. — RustBeltRacing
  • They are on the way and UPS claims they will be there Wed!!! — Mattman213
  • Perfecto! — RustBeltRacing

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