Securing Tungsten Putty...

LF_Ent_Racing Wednesday, 7/15/2020

Hey everyone, Frozo here. I'm new to race modding and was curious if anyone was using tungsten putty, and if so, how are you securing it in place? Thanks in advance. Keep racing.


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Chaos_Canyon 7/15/20

I haven't used it yet, but from what I've been told, you need to make sure it is fully encased or it will leak - especially onto axles etc and clog them up - as the temperature rises. I know Myke at RTR has used it a few times so hoepfully he can give you the finer details

Tungsten puddy should never be used as your main weight's beneficial to help put some weight in tight area's and such...but never near your far as securing it...good luck if it's not in a pocket or cavity. you can see...never as your main source of weight in any Build...

  • Wow... I am so glad I checked here before just jumping into weight distribution. Thank you for saving me from certain disappointment. — LF_Ent_Racing
  • my pleasure — LeagueofSpeed
  • looks like some sort of alien got into the middle of your car lol — Chaos_Canyon
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