Sneak peek races each week...?

redlinederby Sunday, 11/7/2010
Site manager

I had a thought to do "sneak peek" races each week by picking 2 random cars from the upcoming tournament population and posting the results of won. These would happen BEFORE each tournament opens for entries.

Or another thought along similar lines would be for me to pick several cars each week, then ask players to vote for which wants they want to see race. Those 2 cars would do a one-off race and results would be posted.

These would be completely "unofficial" races and would not go towards ratings or rankings. No points would be awarded or anything.

The purpose is to give players a gauge for the upcoming tournaments and to help people learn more about how which types of cars perform.



My vote would be no. Part of the fun is figuring out who may be fast or who may be slow on your own and not get a heads up. Plus that may make some people not pick a car for the weekly races, because they lost during the sneak peek races.

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