What do you use for temporary adhesive?

41-14 Wednesday, 8/8/2018

Been doing this now for around 7 months, and I’m actually pleased with the progress I’ve made. Question I have is when you’re doing the axle swaps and you want to test before you set them in place permanently. Been using jb weld but then I’m screwed if I end up with a pos on the track and I want to switch out the axle. Short of cutting them out and risk the axel or chassis.  Is there anything you guys can recommend for keeping the axles in place for testing until I’m happy with the speed and want to jb weld them in permanently 

second question is weights. I’m using adhesive back lead wheel weights and fishing weights. For most cars it’s easy to fit those in. But I’m running in the Bootleg Run - Dixie Grand Prix and those Grand Prix / Formula One cars haven’t got much room for extra weight. Is there anything that I can use that would be easier and where would you find it. Running out of time so any help is appreciated 




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LeagueofSpeed 8/8/18
Event coordinator

Tungsten puddy for the Gran Prix cars...it's pricey, but you'll be getting the car back and it's not adhesive, so you could technically remove it later and reuse it.

If I don't like the axels...I usually know before I reset the body...I run the chassis with some removable weight several times to see if it's gonna be race worthy...if it test up to par...then I finish the build.

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redlinederby 8/8/18
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I've used hot glue before and it does the trick and is usually very easy to come "undone" either by just picking it off with your fingers or a few slices with the hobby knife.

The hot glue doesn't really adhere too well since most things are smooth. Worth a shot and cheap to boot.

I've also used the blue poster tack putty...it's a little stickier than model clay but is just as squishy so it will last a few trials down your track. You'll have adjust and such ever so often but that's part of the experiment. 

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72_Chevy_C10 8/8/18
Event coordinator

I've never put axles in temporarily...but, you could just put a small dab of JB Weld in the center of the axles to try them out. And, if you are happy, you could just add more JB Weld over the dab.

I, generally, just use lead for weight, but you could use clay if space is tight. I like to hammer the lead fairly flat and lay it in the bottom of the chassis to keep the venter of gravity as low as possible...or can even add lead to the bottom of the chassis, if you have the clearance.

My 2 cents :)

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41-14 8/9/18

Thx for the input guys. Appreciate it. Looks like more experimenting in the future. 

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