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Stock & Mod Race 2

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409 Diecast is in ????

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MrShotgun 8/23/23

I'm in for the modified Audi race at least. Will be my first entry in the sport/hobby.

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MrShotgun 8/24/23

Preparation begins.  Not bad for the first track I've built in 30+ years, maybe!

I'm in for 2 stock. 

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Old_Sarge 8/25/23

Yes please I've got an RS6 Avant and its green ?

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Papa_Pugsley 8/27/23

I will put in 2 wagons for sure, I will try and find some good stockers as well.

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CraigsterSr 8/28/23

You know Zeek & I are in!

Well, I might be in for 2 stock if I have anything in that weight range. 

I would like in please 

This joker right here? 

If so, I'd like to send one!

FredD, F'D Racing

Found 2 stock that are heavy enough. I'm in!

Hey mate... just looking at my cars for the stock race portion... a little confused on the weight...

<<< quote>>>

Here are the details:

RACE 1 - Stock Class - 40 - 49.99g

Any stock casting
•Any brand
•Must be below 49.99g or disqualified 

Not sure but it must be at least 40g but not more than 49.99g?


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