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Stock & Mod Race 2

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MrShotgun 9/10/23

First mock-up of my entry. Going to try a few different wheel setups, build two or three and choose the fastest one.

  • Wrong car — BlueLineRacing
  • It’s the right car, it just looks different with the blacked out windows and chrome paint. — MrShotgun
  • Yeah no good — BlueLineRacing
  • *rolls eyes* — MrShotgun
  • You can roll your eyes like a teenage girl all you want or you can man up and read the rules because this car is illegal. It will be my pleasure to see you on the track if you figure it out. — BlueLineRacing
  • The car must be the green casting. You can add decals, but must remain green. — Commotion_Diecast
  • Okay, I missed that detail. I still have some unpainted castings. As simple as making the swap! — MrShotgun
  • @ Blueline ;) bring it bud! You wanna race for pinks??? Haha maybe if your best car beats my best car you win my entries and vise versa… — MrShotgun
  • Pinks? I’ll save you time. Just put your car in a box and mail it to me rookie — BlueLineRacing
  • BWAHAHAHAHA! — MrShotgun
  • Hawt damn. Martini time. — Numbskull
  • It says it must be the green painted casting... doesn't say it must stay green but to add decals, etc. I was going to go down the paint path myself... I guess I meed some clarification! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • green — Numbskull
  • Eye sea a backroad race brewing — ElevationDiecastRac1ng
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MrShotgun 9/11/23

@ Commotion Diecast, at what angle does your start gate sit at? 

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MrShotgun 9/12/23

Well even though we won't be able to enter these painted castings, due to my mistake in interpreting the rules, I went and finished painting them this morning anyway, minus decals.  Hope they will come in handy for some future races!

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dsc164 9/14/23

I'm in for both if there's still room

Got my entries in the mail today. You should have them Friday or Saturday. 

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DTaylor44 9/27/23

Mr. BFG would like to be in the stock race if there's room only know one thing about modified I can take a fast car make it slow

  • Shipped the cars out yesterday should be there by Wednesday — DTaylor44

In the mail.

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Numbskull 10/17/23

On the way.

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