Summer Pro-Am - Stage 2 - Amateur division

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021
Hosted by Gen X Vintage Racing
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redlinederby Monday, 5/10/2021
Site manager

This race is part of the RLD Summer Pro-Am series. See rules and format information.

Stage 2 - Box Canyon Loop (Washington)

This stage of the Summer Pro-Am is an open track race on the Box Canyon Loop managed by Gen X Vintage Racing & The Diecast Racing Report. 

This is a closed series. No sign-ups are available for this event.

This thread will be updated with details, links, and results as they are made available.


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redlinederby 6/17/21
Site manager

Here are the groupings for Stage 2. I got word that recording was happening this week/end, so hopefully more action to watch in the next few weeks.

Make your picks and place your bets! Good luck!

Group A:

  • Rubber Tow
  • Bolo Brown
  • Uncle Joe's Speedway
  • PWC Racing

Group B:

  • The Commish
  • Capper Deluxe
  • Diego's Diecast
  • OverClocked Racing

Group C:

  • Big Mac
  • DogTown Racing
  • Pupule Surfer
  • Road Runner Raceway

Group D:

  • Commotion Diecast
  • DeeJay
  • Cash Money Boys
  • SpyDude

Amateur Group A:

Amateur Group B:

Amateur Group C:

Amateur Group D:

Groups were assembled in serpentine fashion based on the final results of the first leg of the tour.

When can we expect this stage to begin? I'd like to get the third leg going by third week of July 

  • You'll have plenty of time. Cars will be to you long before June is over. — GenX_VintageRacing

Good to hear 

When can we expect a video and we're will it be aired at????

  • Races are being taped tomorrow and Tuesday. Videos will be up before the end of the month. I'm only using a couple of cameras to minimize editing. — GenX_VintageRacing
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