The end of an era, Tobacco Road

LeagueofSpeed Sunday, 9/13/2020
Event coordinator

Tobacco Road's run at the current address is will be stored until we make the move to the Lake in 2 yrs or less...there it will be setup permanently. The racing has been exemplary from the very start in May 2017. Thanks for the memories until the Lady of Speed and I begin our next chapter at the new home of the League of Speed Racing Grounds...Salute.


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redlinederby 9/13/20
Site manager

Oh wow! Good luck with the new digs and making a new HQ of speed. 

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Peter_Bee 9/14/20

I only got to race on Tobacco Road for the May/June RLDL Double-header. It's nice to know I began my racing career on a legendary track. Good Luck on the future plans and See ya at the races!

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DXPRacing 9/14/20

How will this affect the tournaments that are in place to be run?  

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Mattman213 9/14/20

Glad to hear itll be able to be set up permanently tho thats awesome!!!


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