The Sharpie

RoadRunnerRacewayFan Monday, 3/15/2021

Of course there are no before pictures because I am not a prepared person. I was messing around with a sharpie marker seeing how well it could customize a car, seeing if it could hype up the cars look. This was an all white car before I Sharpied it, I just raced along the lines that were already on the car. They were little trenches along the car giving it some nice texture but I thought what the heck why don't I just color those in. And this is the finished product.

I also tried the Sharpie marker on some red paint and it seems to work just as well although it doesn't stand out as much. I'm just sharing another step in my customization Journey.


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SpyDude 3/15/21

Clearcoat that sucker and call it done.

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Rainsford 3/15/21

A lot of my silver detailing I do with a silver Sharpie. I also recently discovered the red Sharpie looks really good over the silver paint on the taillights of the 2016 Ford GT Race. I'm going to try out putting down silver Sharpie first and then going over it with red to make taillights on a few. You've given me the idea to try a Sharpie Pen for panel lining...

  • Sharpies for the win! — SpyDude
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