Third race coming flyer.

Jobe Sunday, 6/13/2010

Hey all, here is the flyer for my next race coming up in 2 weeks.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Also just registered a website and put up a quick page...needs lots of work!



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JDC442 6/13/10

Looks like pure awesomeness! I'd love to enter one of your events, but I'm kinda far away living up here in the Pacific Northwest. Would you consider taking a mail-in entry to a future race?
Let me know.

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Jobe 6/14/10

Thanks, I'd be happy to run some cars for you, I'll send you a message with my info.

I'm trying to get the guys to build modified cars, need something to beat my ambulance! Going to modify a 66 Nova next I think.

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redlinederby 6/15/10
Site manager

I could be up for mailing in a mod car too. I have a Scirocco I want to FTE.

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Jobe 6/15/10

I did not know VW had come out with a new Scirocco! I almost bought a 1985 Scirocco in 1988 when I turned 16. But I got smart and bought a 1967 Camaro SS 350 instead!

Mail them in, you never might win big! Guess I'll have to video the races now.

Might have a new location for racing here soon as well...a really cool old drive in burger place! I really want to set it up in the abandoned Putt Putt here in Austin, it's one of the last original types. Renegade hot wheels racing!

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redlinederby 6/16/10
Site manager

The first rule of renegade Hot Wheels racing is to NOT talk about renegade Hot Wheels racing!

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Jobe 6/28/10

Racing tonight! Can't wait...going to be a hot one...

Have my first mail in racers courtesy of JDC442!

I'll try and remember to take photos and try a video tonight.

Bro, I am dying to get to one of your races. Monday night is just the worst possible night for me. I simply cannot miss anytime from work on a monday. I work from 5am till about 7pm and then would have to haul ass to try to make it there in time.

I'll let you know the next time I'll be in Austin for the BatCity club meet.


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Jobe 7/12/10

I'd love to have you join, I'm working on a weekend place to race but nothing firmed up yet.

I'll let you know when something happens. Taking a little break, probably race again in a month on a Monday, maybe sooner if I can get something together for a weekend.

Yeah, let me know when you come to Bat City again, I'd love to bring my cars out and race someone else's track!

Hey Bro, the next BatCity race will be on 8-14. Let me know if you'll be able to make it.


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Jobe 7/24/10

I should be here, I'll see if I can bring me and some of my local cronies to your track.

My next race in Monday the 9th.

see ya

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