Tournaments and RacingTwo new tracks now in production for 2017

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Won an auction I've been watching that gives me the supplies I need to build two tracks for future racing. The drop and 1st 1/8 mile will be the same for both tracks, here is the difference.....

Tobacco Road Dragway- 1/4 mile scale basic two lane dragstrip (20' straightaway after drop)

Bootleg Run- 1/8 mile scale (10') into two sets of 90 degree curves, giving each lane an inside/outside transition back into another 1/8 mile scale (10') finish with a up/down transition trestle bridge about 1/2 way or more from the finish. Track is in honor of NASCAR's roots here in North Carolina.  

Track(s) will be built from vintage Redline track and accessories, which I believe are still better than what's produced today.

I hope the future will be bright for these two tracks as I introduce them into the RLD to the "Build it and they will come" stage....excited to say the least.

.....and as always....Good Luck on the Quest for Speed!!!!!

sounds like a great couple of tracks...

The future home of Tobacco Road Dragway and Bootleg Run

This the inside of my warehouse, plenty of space
I'll be setting up another modding shop in there as well.
Awesome! I used to have plenty of room in my basement...but, it's full of '53 F100 parts at the moment! Good luck with the tracks!

Got the track supplies today...mainly 80' of Redline track and 4 vintage 90 degree curves.


Going to use the two 180 degree curves with some of the track and a booster for breaking in cars, stock and mods and for setting the graphite on the dry lubes.

Tobacco Road Dragway Specs-Approximate 1/4 mile drag (input welcome)

Vintage Redline orange track

Total length-20' (1/4 mile on 1/64 scale is 20.6')

Drop-5' at 24" to 30" H (thoughts on height welcome) which enters the transition at 4' plus 1' until transition bottoms out into the 15' run-out. 

That is the plan going forward for the track, but once again input welcome.

Also, lot of great info in the older post on track builds
I've got enough track, so Bootleg Run will be a seperate build altogether.

Bootleg Run Specs

8' drop @ 20" into 4' or 6' straightaway (will field test to determine which length is best) then into the pair of 90 degree curves aka elongated "S" turns (2' or 4' run between curves via field test). Then a 10' to 12' run-out to the finish with a slight up and over a trestle bridge section.

Have to do the field test, but want it to be more than 1/2 of a drag strip, more of a two lane road race. Updates and pics to come. 

looking forward to the progress, or finished pics. Sounds great

Working on the curve section of Bootleg Run, so far so good. I'm going to have to get some 6" pieces of track to even it out with the two straightaways. Gravity drop testing going well though...progress.

Had to go with newer higher walled orange track between the curves.
Length between curves will be 2'
Will have to custome build the start gate since lanes will not be side by side
After messing with track lengths, most likey will flare out going into curves and taper back into's a road course after all

Got the jump I ordered in the mail today and now have a perfect transition for Tobacco Road Dragway. Two launchers from two jump sets turned around...perfect and solid transition.

Father in Law is a HO train buff and says we can come up with a great Trestle Bridge concept for Bootleg Run, so I'm stoked about that part of the track looking like more than just a possibility. Also, being into HO trains and a engineer (retired/Bucknell alum) he's intrigued by the modding we have going on around here. I might have to pick his brain for some insights and ideas going forward.

Trestle Bridge located for Bootleg Run

Tobacco Road will be ready in May...stay tuned.

Bootleg Run will be September at the latest...more moving parts to fine tune and more of a lay out to will be epic when done.

Trestle Bridge acquired, the evolution continues... 

This is exciting! Stuff looks great. Looking forward to following the progress.


Thanks Chopper! This place inspired me to do these tracks.

Trestle Bridge in house

The ol Marx bridger gives me some ideas,cool..

Cut the ends off the two launchers to bring the two sections of track together in the transition of Tobacco Road.

see above photo for before eliminated

Tobacco Road still on schedule for a late May race, details to come. Going to do some prep work with the 1x8's this weekend....yeah, needed 1x8 over 1x6 for my vision for the track to really pop. 

country road country road in the morning

Some photo inspiration for Tobacco Road...we will be racing on a country road

Just catching up on the bridge! That's gonna look bitchin' - is that an old model train bridge? Must be pretty old if it's metal.

yep, it's from the Marx company

All the concepts for Bootleg Run are decided upon, the design and build will take place over the summer and after numerous test runs and tuning be ready for a September race. The design vision for Tobacco Road is locked in and more of an easier build being a straight line drag, which begins in earnest this weekend.

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