U.K. Die Cast Racers?

Xavante Monday, 6/14/2021

Now, it stands to reason that there are Die Cast Racing Nuts here in the U.K.!?

But where are you? I would love to chat online about this amazing hobby. 
Yeah, it's great to Speak to Racers from around the Globe, but I would love some feedback about a Death Valley type Track I am dreaming up which will have a London theme.

I already am working on a Tower Bridge Jump  
And a London eye Loop set up.  Also some scenery buildings Like a Chip Shop, Pub, etc

So Brits; Give me some ideas, The more London they are, the Better! 
I say Brits, but I sure wouldn't rule out a great American, Dutch, or Martian idea either!

Its just a Mental Sketch to be honest. But once I have some solid ideas, I plan to start building Next month. 

All the best.

Taff the Kamikaze Cockney.


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H3zzard 6/14/21

I'm in the UK, but only just starting to get my feet wet in terms of creating a track. There are quite a number of us here though... somewhere! 

As for a London-themed course, there have to be some obvious landmarks and props: 

Red telephone boxes... if anyone remembers those? 
Red pillar-postboxes. 
Red (do we have other colours?) double-decker buses - not to race, but as scene-dressing... or something else to jump over. 
Speed cameras / congestion charge zone monitors. 
Banksy artwork. 
Boris bicycles. 
Patriotic bunting. 
Beefeaters / Royal Guards with bearskin hats. 

If I think of anything else I'll scribble it down later. Good luck! 

  • Thank you Mate! It won’t be strictly Geographically accurate, nor Necessarily to scale. — Xavante
  • I want to include a Pub with accompanying Drunks, a Chip Shop, and a Tube Station Front. I was born and raised in the East End, and love my Home City with its warts and all.God bless Matey thanks again. — Xavante
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