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Using #17 sewing pins as axles

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41-14 1/7/18

Thanks for the insight. I will definitely look into it. Thx. 

# 17 pins are 0.026 in and #20 are 0.030 in which are exactly the same as stock Hot Wheels axles.  I am going to try some #20 pins and the 1/16 brass tubes from K&S next week.

how do you flatten out the pointed end? Thanks in advance 

  • You dont, you cut it off, and use axle tubes and super glue. — WidowmakerRun
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ArmoganWX 3/3/21

Why not use #20 pins?  Theyre .8mm

  • Correct. #20 pins are .8mm, which is the same size as a Hot Wheels axle. A #17 allows a little more wiggle room on the wheel - still good, but sometimes you want extra wiggle room for various tracks. — SpyDude
  • Many of the fastest vintage Hot Wheels have a narrower axle. The GHO wheels on the Frontrunnin' Fairmont (a classic top-performing car), are narrower than today's mainline axles, and more akin to the #17. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • And if you get a box each of #17 and #20 pins, you won’t ever have to worry about axles ever again. — SpyDude
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mattfathead 3/5/21

I've got .020 music wire from hobby lobby. it's the same diameter as the old redlines. I'm currently experimenting  with it.

  • Nice! Report back what you find out! — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Going full-on old school here. That was exactly how Hot Wheels got started: music wire. — SpyDude

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