Where do you put your stickers?

GenX_VintageRacing Wednesday, 5/26/2021

Many channels/hosts send you a sticker with the cars they are returning.  As do some of the guys who make products related to diecast racing.  I put the ones I get on my laptop.  Where do you put yours?


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redlinederby 5/26/21
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I try to put them on things people will see...my car, phone case, for example. I have them on my laptop too but few folks actually see that. 

What I've been meaning to do is figure out some nice way to show stickers on my track. I have a lot of stickers from folks and I want to pimp them best I can but as-is my track doesn't lend itself to supporting them in any meaningful way. Hoping when I get to reconfiguring my track I can account for that a bit more and highlight brands better.

  • Letter your car along the rocker panels with RedlineDerby.com. Make it subtle, so people have to stop and look and wonder about what it is. — SpyDude
  • It's actually crossed my mind to put a big logo across the back window but it ain't cheap. — redlinederby
  • That’s why I mentioned the rocker panels or something discreet along the rear bumper trim. — SpyDude
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