You're invited to The Diecast Garage

CTR_Crimson_Twins_Racing Sunday, 6/27/2021

Hello fellow RLD members!  I'd like to take a quick minute of your time to invite you all to join The Diecast Garage discord server:

By using the link above, you will be able to join our wonderful community.  (Before the shots are fired, I did request, and was granted, permission to set up this invite by RLD)

We have very humble roots as we were just a local group based out of Columbus, GA.  I created a new server to allow for a larger community to participate, and RLD was the first place I put out our invite. 

We are a community of like-minded diecast enthusiasts looking for more members to help us grow.  There is a spot for everything in our community from general info, racing, customs, collection pics, buy-sell-trade to just about anything you can imagine diecast wise.  And if you can think of something else, feel free to drop a suggestion in the appropriate section and we can get it up and running.

So, please, feel free to stop by and give us a try.  I do my best to stay on top of notifications and communicate as much as possible with our members.  As I said, we are looking to grow, and hope you all can be a part of that growth. 

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