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LeagueofSpeed Sunday, 8/5/2018

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So far the results have been good...they are fast right out of the blister pack...singles are 79 cents and a 5 pack is  $3.99...and they have gotten popular...from pegs full to hard to find in a matter of a week. These car's can most definitely hold there own vs HW Mainlines and MBX...so far, I believe only Target is carrying them.


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I'm going to Modify "White Fang" above and class it at 57g and I'll feature some in The Quest for Speed. I raced the White Fang vs a 370Z and a '15 Mustang GT Maisto, and it smoked them by 3 car length's...going to run it vs some HW Mainlines and some MBX I've got and see what happens...will report back.

  • It kept winning...so up'ed the comp and raced it vs a '99 HW Mainline Chrysler Thunderbolt that just made the top 4 in the latest Quest for Speed...and it beat the T-Bolt as well, and that csting is no joke. — LeagueofSpeed
  • wow, this is surely interesting.. what did you modify? any swapping? and what about their "original" weights? — 1_of_many
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NDeavers80 8/5/18

I picked up 3 yesterday and ran them against a bunch of random cars at my step-dad's the blue one was clearly the best of these 3. I will try and do a video maybe tomorrow once I am back home. I am curious to see what it can and can't beat. 

  • I did go back to target and bought 2 5 packs. Going to run them all once I get back and build the fastest cars. Fingers crossed — NDeavers80
  • How did the metal machines do on your track once you race them? — CRPRacing
  • About average. — NDeavers80
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Dadvball 8/6/18

So I hit a Target in my travels this morning and picked up 2 of the 5 packs. They didn't have singles. They had two different sets and 3 of each on the pegs. Funny thing is mine are different colors from what Nick showed. 

The Beast in the 5 pack is black, the hot rod is blue, the Razor is blue, and the Metal Machine is yellow. I guess depending on how they run I'll be checking others stores for the color variations. I'm hoping they're decent enough to run in the LJLRC A-stock class (39 grams max). 

Thanks for the tip!

Also of note...when they change colors...they change names...White Fang/white and Blitz/black are the same casting, and it holds true for the rest of the line as well...different color...different name.

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NDeavers80 8/6/18

Grabbed these 2 before I came home hopefully got something good

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NDeavers80 8/6/18


Did a video with the ones I bought

  • I watched it...excellent field work NDR!!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • Thanks. I figured the rally cat would be a good test subject especially since I know that one did win HOTS. — NDeavers80

Going to run White Fang vs a Race Aces Country Club Muscle...if it beats that car, that will tell me alot about these cars. 

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NDeavers80 8/6/18

Kinda weird how its held together

According to the Zuru webpage. The cars are available at Target, Wal-Mart and, Dollar General.

MDG Racing has been field testing and his results are also very promising on the Metal Machines.

  • Red pill posted a YouTube video today. Haven't got to watch it yet — NDeavers80
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Scottman27 8/9/18

So will there be some races with these cars soon? since they are fast do a stock class and maybe a mod class as well.

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MDG_Racing 8/10/18

L. O. S. and I were discussing the axles. I'm leaning towards plated. 

  • Like nickel plated? Hmmm...don't look shiny enough? I'd find it interesting that an off-brand would go for such an "extra" expense. — redlinederby
  • I'm tearing down White Fang tonight, so I'll know for sure...if the playsets have any water related effects...then they'd have to to combat rust...I'll know soon enough. — LeagueofSpeed

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