HalfDead Highway (Interstate 164)

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About this track


Last from "Swindle Road" to "Victim Street" loses more than the bet; sometimes it's your car, hand me that pink slip! Mixing Bowl inspired, 2 spiral downhill, from NoVa to the city limits. Street race clashing in die-cast form scaled to the love and passion of 1:64ers...Welcome to DC!

DuelCast style in true HOTBOX fashion brought to you by DioCastTV; this is Interstate 164 better known as HALFDEAD HIGHWAY!

HotWheels meet Matchbox (mostly) on Sizzlers, Track Builder & AFCR along with the help of JLHKRAFTS, SLANMAN CUSTOMS & 3dBotMaker, some packing tape glue & popsicle sticks a will made a way. Let's HOTBOX!