The Baja Drag

Managed by Live_Young_Diecast

About this track

"The Baja Drag" is our Off-Road race course featuring a 6' main hill into a big "scoop jump" over an obsacle bed of rocks followed by a 3' straight to a slight incline jump off a ledge. Then, it's down the ramp into a straight with a slight jump towards the end to potentially jump over the finish line. The start gate is extra-wide (41mm lanes) and custom-made by SlanMan Customs. It holds 4 trucks: 2 deep in each lane and features a ramp after the start pegs instead of track conectors allowing the trucks to merge onto the open course. The roadway simulates dirt via a flexible fiber board that has a soft grit surface. We occasionaly line it with kinetic sand. The panels are flexible so they form into ramps nicely and while it currently features 3 jumps of different type/size, it can be modified very easily. The main hill road-width is 4.25" which expands to 7.25" after the first jump.