A small introduction to Mike's Custom Garage

MadMike Sunday, 6/20/2021

Hey, I'm Mike and I run Mad Mike's Custom Garage 

Here at the garage we take pride in building some of the coolest, wildest, and craziest rides uve ever seen. We do builds for racing and display and we are working on getting so.e decal sales going.

Some of you may have seen me around or raced against me. I have been around for a short time but am still new. I've been tinkering and customizing my cars forever it seems

Few builds to share below

blueline racing- bone shaker brawl 

(unfinished sneak peak)

78g merc. No race determined yet

"Workin on it" has no set race yet but my goa is chaos canyon outlaws 

custom gasser made for a very special customer(Paisley zarnock) 

Monster Motorsports- race of the rising sun

107g 300zx no race determined yet

RTR Diecast Racing- Nissan summer series 

Commotion Diecast- open wheel rumble


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redlinederby 6/20/21
Site manager

Wow...lots of great builds! Welcome to Redline Derby, glad to have you and thanks for sharing your work.

Great looking builds Mike. 

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MadMike 6/20/21

Display cars

before and after

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MadMike 6/20/21

See you all on the track

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SpyDude 6/21/21

DAMN, Mike ..... great stuff.  Love that Rat Fink gasser - that's classic.


  • You on youtube? I'm kinda picky on where I send my stuff. But if your the type of track I like then I like to support you 100% — MadMike
  • Yes I have one https://youtu.be/QuQmOJH2B8k , and no worries I understand about be picky — GuingoyoDiecastRacing
  • I'm from South Carolina — GuingoyoDiecastRacing
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DamDiecast 6/24/21

Nice work!  Very clean!  You obviously take pride in what you do.  You are a true Craftsman.

  • Thank you sir. I take pride in my work and take joy in seeing them being enjoyed — MadMike
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