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Apocalypse Joust

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My 4yo grandson and I enjoy watching the Junkyard Jousting Action, and have also been play Plants vs. Zombies a lot, so he helped me put together a team!  (Apoloclypic is a good theme to have a 4 year help paint!)  For non-PvZ players, each plant has specific qualities in terms of Zombie defense.  Crazy Dave gives you tips and tricks and sells you upgrades.

With the exception of Chomper, who is an alternate, all casting are Zuru Metal Machines.  The plastic bodies help lower center of gravity, but could add some exciting shrapnel in the chaos! 

  • Vodka lowers my center of gravity. — Numbskull
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TheMakersBox 3/19/23

Going live soon!

  • I'm glad I survived your team. — Numbskull
  • It is not the casting that you pick, but it is more so the capacity that you choose to build with. — Numbskull
  • I would have never thought of Duck-n-Roll as a candidate! He was awesome! — TheMakersBox
  • Cheers. — Numbskull

I'm in....I hope ???? Here's Task Force Booger !

  • Cruel bus was awesome! That team had a lot of details in their builds! — TheMakersBox

  • Some good looking cars this round. I think we can now say that weight isn't everything! — TheMakersBox

The Junkyard Apocalypse is just about to wrap up!  Here are the rest of the episodes except for the final which is coming up in a week:




Semi 1:

Semi 2:

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Chaos_Canyon 8/14/23

Seeing we won the last one, we'll sit this out, but I do enjoy the competition. Good luck everyone.

This is it!  The final 6 teams compete for glory.

Almost all the teams from this event that wanted their cars back have been shipped as of today. 

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