Build Your Own Car Virtually Tournament

Monday, June 21st, 2021
Hosted by Widowmaker Run
WidowmakerRun Wednesday, 3/17/2021

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16 unique combinations of weight/lube.  No duplicates.  

For example, if you pick stock with graphite....the next person that picks stock has to have oil....can't have 2 cars with stock and graphite.

YouTube Channel Here:Widowmaker Run YouTube Channel < Click Me >

“Build Your Own Car Virtually Tournament” by Widowmaker Run.

Driver Call: Open until all entries are filled.

4 weeks are required to paint and build the cars once all entry fees have been received.

First Response/ First Choice of car configurations.
Limit of 2 entries per household.

4 events.
1. Time Trials Drag Strip (best time of 3 runs)
2. 16 Car Tournament Drag Strip (must win 2 out of 3)
3. Time Trials Widowmaker Run Road Course (best of 3 runs)
4. 16 Car Tournament Widowmaker Run Road Course (must win 2 out of 3)

I will build 16 cars of the new Corvette C8R casting.
- 16 configurations will be built, each with unique weight and axle lube, see below.
- All cars will have stock axles and wheels.

- Colors available - 1 color per car: Alcohol Inks by Fire unless noted
o N/A
o N/A
o N/A
o N/A
o N/A
o N/A
o N/A
o N/A
o N/A
o N/A
o N/A
o N/A
o N/A
o N/A
o N/A

-16 Weight Configurations and Axle Lube.  1 unique configuration for all entries, no duplicates:
o 1. N/A                                                          9.     N/A
o 2. N/A                                                         10.    N/A
o 3. N/A                                                         11.   N/A
o 4. N/A                                                         12.    N/A
o 5. N/A                                                          13.    N/A
o 6. N/A                                                         14.     N/A
o 7. N/A                                                          15.    N/A
o 8. N/A                                                          16.     N/A

-Example Car Configurations:
Crimson Red 1A. Crimson Red paint. Stock weight. Oil Lube
Orange 8B. Orange paint. Max Weight. Graphite Lube

Entries: Car Configuration & Driver/Team Name
1.  SpyDude, Aces High Racing, USA:  Dark Purple, Graphite, Heavy Weight Middle
2.  Brian; Redline Derby Racing; Crimson Red; LW Middle; Graphite
3.  Penny Racer for Redline Derby Racing, LW Front, Graphite with Hot Pink
4.  Jeremy Ansley, Ansley Auto Shop Customs, Dark Blue, Max weight Graphite
5.  Casey Rainsford, Rainsford Racing, Light Blue,Heavy Weight front Graphite
6.   CapperDeluxe Deluxe Racing  Light Purple Heavy Weight Rear Graphite
7.  Liam "The Law" White,  Danger Zone Diecast,  Limeaide Green Stock Graphite
8. Eddie Winslow, Winslow Racing, Bright Yellow lw rear graphite
9.Shawn Cook Rust N Ruin Racing Zamac heavy weight middle with oil
10.Jeffery Austin . CJ1 Racing. light Red w/flames stock with oil
11.dribblybob, SuperiCore Group, orange, max with oil
12.Big Al, Big Al's Custom Diecast.  Forrest Green, Heavy Weight Rear oil

13. Crazy Canuck,EH-Team ,flat black, heavy front oil
14.Gray Wizard, WeRD!, Dark Brown  lightweight, middle, with oil
15.WorpeX, WorpeX Racing, USA: Flat White, light weight front oil
16.Boog, Foursix Diecast Racing, light brown, light weight rear oil


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redlinederby 3/17/21
Site manager

Hmmm...interesting concept. I like that you've boiled it down to configs that people choose from there. Sets things up to also be a nice experiment in finding out where things work best.

You have copy in there about an entry fee but no other information about how much or what it covers or what. Do I have to pay to enter and get a car made?

  • I just added to the top..FREE...just choose your configuration and driver/team name, and i will build the car for you, then race in the 4 events. So it's just like a mail-in race, without the mail-in part. — WidowmakerRun
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SpyDude 3/17/21

I'm in.

SpyDude, Aces High Racing, USA

Dark purple (extra highlights if you want to add any)


Heavy weight middle.

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redlinederby 3/17/21
Site manager

I'll gladly claim a spot! Thanks!

Brian; Redline Derby Racing; Crimson Red; HW Middle; Graphite

  • Got it...I can do heavy weight middle with OIL...graphite was taken. — WidowmakerRun
  • Unique configurations duplicates...I'll add that to the top as well. — WidowmakerRun
  • Oh gotcha, sorry. Make mine light weight middle then, keep the graphite please, thanks! — redlinederby
  • Might want to consider listing out all the combinations in a list and removing them as people choose, might help avoid future confusion — redlinederby
  • thanks...i think it's 100% clear now. — WidowmakerRun
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redlinederby 3/17/21
Site manager

My kid is going to join too!

Penny Racer for Redline Derby Racing, config #4 with Hot Pink

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JeremyAnsley 3/17/21

Jeremy Ansley

Ansley Auto Shop Customs

Dark Blue

Max weight with Graphite

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Rainsford 3/17/21

Ooh! I'm in!

Casey Rainsford

Rainsford Racing

Light Blue

Config #7 Heavy Weight front w/Graphite

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CapperDeluxe 3/17/21

Me Too CapperDeluxe Deluxe Racing  Light Purple Config 5 Heavy Weight Rear w Graphite

Driver: Liam "The Law" White
Team: Danger Zone Diecast
Paint: Limeaide Green
Configuration: Stock Weight w/ Graphite 

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eddiewinslow 3/17/21

Driver: Eddie Winslow
Team: Winslow Racing
Paint: Bright Yellow
Configuration: Light Weight Rear with Graphite


I dont know why everyone picked graphite so far...this tournament will open your eyes big time !

Video of me painting 13 cars in 17 minutes will be uploaded tonight.

Shawn Cook

Rust N Ruin Racing


heavy weight middle with oil

I do that right?

I would like to join but don't know how

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