C4 Diecast Racing League - DRHWSC

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016
Goolz11 Monday, 11/7/2016

The C4 DieCast Racing League invites everyone to stop by or mail in entries for the Downhill Racing Hot Wheels Stock Class - "Plastic Base Chase".

Rules & Restrictions

  • No weight limit, but must be stock in the original package
  • Size restrictions; length and height
  • Limit 10 diecasts per household and must include entry fee for each.
  • Must be a Plastic Based Stock Hot Wheels DieCast in its original package
  • No FTEs...
  • No Funny Cars
  • Please include return shipping fee if you would like your DieCasts back.  


$20 Gift Card for Toys R Us

How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.

$1 per entry and return shipping if you'd like your diecasts back.

Where to send your cars

C4 DieCast Racing League

12 Taxi Way, Baltimore, MD 21220

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

All entries must be received by the host before 12/02/2016

Scoring and Winning

Bracket Racing using a six lane track taking the top 3 finishers moving on until we are down to the final 6.

Tracks & Dates

Six Lane Bill Harris Speedway - December 3rd 2016

Winners and Results

Winners will be shown here!



When is this event? 

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Goolz11 11/7/16

I've corrected the entry information...

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Goolz11 11/7/16

Working on the Run Whatcha' Brung Race as well... posting soon...

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FOTF 11/9/16

Any restrictions on the RWB class next month?

  • (Maybe I'd seen on Facebook that you were having one--I don't know if you're allowing mail-ins to it.) — FOTF
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Goolz11 11/23/16

Run Whatcha' Brung must be a drag racing style vehichle with a weight limit of 125 grams, only dry lubes...

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Goolz11 11/23/16

For the Stock Class Race... we have a registration link: https://goo.gl/forms/moLslmvkGz4QZYH42

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GspeedR 12/2/16

I realize this was a last minute decision, but I will be attending the C4 event tomorrow. While I do plan on participating to the racing events, my main focus will be to sell some cars that I've accumulated. I have a bunch of THs, Speed Machines, and HTF mainlines(including 2 Veyrons) that'll be priced to move!! I'll even bring along some Redlines. Thankfully, one of my daughters has volunteered to help me unload these. It should be a great day!! Looking forward to it!!


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GspeedR 12/4/16

Yesterday was absolutely awesome. The Charm City Hot Wheels club never fails to impress. I hadn't attended one of their events in quite a while but it was great to see some familiar faces and meet some new folks as well. I did have the pleasure of meeting 'Track Surgeon' from VA for the first time too.

The new, larger room accommodated lots of vendors, me being one of them. While I didn't sell everything, I certainly sold enough to make the day worthwhile. I even sold one of my rarest cars, a packaged 1977 `57 Chevy redline. I can't reveal it's selling price but I can say that it's new owner(who also owns a real `57 Bel Air) and I are very happy.

The C4 club didn't have their new multi-lane track available yesterday and raced on an extended Expert Drag Track instead. They ran a 100-125 grams truck series first. I wasn't really prepared so I quickly added some weight to the bed of a Tiger Wheels Ford Lightning and entered it. While it did qualify @ 105 grams, it was a round 1 loser to one of Track Surgeon's well tuned heavy beasts. They ran a plastic-based stock class later in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I had to get my daughter back home for a school function so we had to pack up. I'm certain we'll make an effort to return to Middle River, MD again soon. ;-)


  • sounds like a solid day... good to see you back at it and enjoying the hobby — Traction-Event

The meet was the first time I won both races. It's like a double rainbow!

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