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Death Race

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The_Commish 6/29/21

Wait, wasn't this what we just ran during the second stop of the Summer Pro Am? o.O Too Soon?

  • Nah, we didn't have weapons on the cars ...... — SpyDude

Might have to re-evaluate the overall length on the Money's a bit looooong with the screw out front

Can I participate?!   N.J, Drive Racing

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RustyWheeler 7/11/21

I'm in!

Rusty Wheeler with Commotion Diecast. 

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Xavante 7/12/21

Hi There, Greetings from London UK.

I love your You Tube Posts as you often have more Classic Cars from the 50's and 60's (or Earlier.)

Keep them coming Matey, Love the Tricky Triangle! 

Please count me in on this .. Will be making my first madmax type vehicle.. thanks 

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MadMike 7/19/21

I'm in

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MadMike 8/2/21

Working on mine as well. This will be my first time modifying a car so.... I'll be happy if it rolls forward.

  • Nice, good luck! If in doubt, leave the axles and wheels alone and just add weight and graphite — IndianaDiecastRacing
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BiscuitBrown 8/18/21

I'd like in on this if there is still spots available!  

Oh I definitely want in on this one

Just need to weather these babies and they're ready to send.

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