Euro Grand Prix, October 20 on RLD home track

redlinederby Monday, 8/19/2013
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Just wanna reserve the date more than anything at this point, but I'm looking to host a mail-in tournament on my Ohio track the weekend of October 19, so deadline for entries would be like 10/17.

Euro Grand Prix
Sponsored by Tom's Diecast Cars

Winner: JDC442 with the Jaguar D-Type
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Video highlights:

- Case car must be real world European (BMW, Ferrari, VW, Aston, Jag, Mercedes, Audi, etc.)
- Any year/brand
- Minimum 50g
- No weight limit
- Length <= 4-inches
- Height (TBD, need to check my finish line, probably 2" max)
- No liquid lubes

- Double elimination
- 1 car per entrant

- Collector car from Tom's Diecast Cars
- Hot Ones cars from Redline Derby
- Redline Derby stickers
- Bragging rights

Print out this form and include it with your entry: ... y_2013.pdf

Plus $3 return fee (otherwise it will go into the RLD donor stash)


Please post a reply if you're entering along with any questions/concerns.


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EconoCarl 8/19/13

I'm in!

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Stroller 8/19/13

I'm in too.

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JDC442 8/20/13

European cars, Cool prizes, double elimination. I'm in too!

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K_Harvest 8/20/13

Count Me In.

i'm game...count me in.

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everlings 8/20/13

I'm in as well.

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redlinederby 8/20/13
Site manager

Just a note that this mail-in is now sponsored by Tom's Diecast Cars!
So along with the Hot Ones car and stickers, the winner will also receive a collector car from Tom's!

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Dadvball 8/20/13

I'm in if there's still room.

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model40fan 8/21/13

sloppy jalopies aren't fans of the europas... none of 'em in the corral !...
if you need a 16th entry, i'll see if BERNIE and Fast Fred can fill the void...

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cliffordshaw 8/21/13

If slot is still open, I'd like to enter

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redlinederby 8/21/13
Site manager

Well that's 8 entries...but if more people want to join I'm cool with that...just not sure how to run the tournament with an odd number of entrants and/or cars. What do you guys normally do for that type of situation?

Lets say 10 people enter, each provide 2 cars for 20 total. How do you choose who's extra cars make up the last 6 slots?

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Stroller 8/21/13

In preliminary testing of 12 cars, the 2 fastest were the Honda Civic and the Aston Martin DBS......I guess I will see if I chose wisely. Of course nothing is written in stone yet.