extra crash track cars?

dr_dodge Sunday, 10/22/2023

power your monster trucks
(or hopefully)

needs wiring and then testing!



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dr_dodge 10/27/23

so far,
2 strips of brass
brass wire
1/8" axles, bushings, & foam wheels from slot car stuff
$13 keyfob from amazon
it's supposed to work on 3.5 vdc - 30vdc  in/ out,  3 modes
and if the remote works well, I'll do a review

silly experimental stuff



  • Carry on! — FredD
  • the industrial paper mache battery box is looking very nice. thin cardboard, wire, glue, batteries as the form, really want ti light it up this weekend, driveline @3vdc is vicouos on bench tests — dr_dodge
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