Family Thanksgiving Race

SpocketFTE Tuesday, 11/23/2010

Excitement is building! Since 2005 we have had a Hot Wheels drag race with the family. Three classes; stock (anything but no mod), Dragster (no mod), and Weighted (modified by under 100g). Hopefully, my son's Front Runnin' (1982) does well in the stock, Firebird Funny Car in the Dragster, and a loaded up SpocketFTE in the weighted are my top cars. I think my brother's Huffman Stocker will be tough to beat.


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redlinederby 11/23/10
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Very cool! If you can, share some pics of your track and cars afterwards.

Makes me wish there were more people in my families to justify some racing, but alas, I'm the lone Hot Wheels fan.

Have fun!

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