Fantasy League v2 updates

redlinederby Tuesday, 6/22/2010
Site manager

Sorry I've been somewhat elusive on the boards for a while. Been real busy dealing with real life and spending what time there is on getting v2 of the League ready for prime time. Just thought I'd share some status updates for those interested.

Features that will be available at launch:
- Weekly themed/categorized bracket tournaments, 16 cars
- Players can enter a car when brackets open, first 16 entries
- Bracket picks can be made by all players
- Season leaderboards and bracket leaderboards
- Player teams. Players can create and manage teams, optional
- Achievements, get extra points for reaching certain goals
- Player garages for quick picking entry cars

I'm at the point where I'm doing specific testing of features, so most of the heavy lifting is done. I still need to create the e-mail module that sends out summaries and notices to players. Many of the pages and features were lifted from v1.0 of the league, so most of that should be familiar to everyone.

I've gotten quite a few donated cars since the end of last season, so there will be a lot of new ones available for racing. I'll be posting a preview of those cars hopefully this week. Probably about 25 cars will be added.

I think the tournament picking interface for the new version is pretty slick. You just click the cars and fill in the bracket. The results page then highlights the picks you got correct along with corresponding point values.

I have some vacation time coming up next week so hopefully I'll get this thing to a point where I can make some of it public for preview and beta testing.


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markkaz 6/22/10

Thanks for the update!

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Bandeezee 6/22/10

Nice, can't wait for the beta testing

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JDC442 6/22/10

Bring it on brother!!!

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David 6/23/10

oooh goody goody!

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