Favorite casting?! Mine is the Z28 Camaro... and it's underrated

RAGTAG_JIM Wednesday, 7/29/2020

i love the Z28 camaro and when it comes to adding weight its really easy to add especially with the metal/metal cars... there is no interior soit so easy to add weight... what are your thoughts on this one?


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redlinederby 7/29/20
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I have one of those that survived my childhood but haven't really considered it for modding (yet). It's in the bin marked "donors" so it'll probably get there eventually. Didn't realize there was no interior, so that does make it great for adjusting weight. Put some screws on that and you can adjust the same car over and over per track...hmmmm...

  • yes its very easy i do love it cause of how easy it can be — RAGTAG_JIM

Z28 has potential...there's 3 different styles of the casting...all basically look the same with some differences to consider

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RAGTAG_JIM 7/30/20

i lean more towards the one on the left i have on at KoTM and one at Rust Belt for the silverback race... the are the older models like the on the left.... i did find out tho that the Z28'S with plastic bodys that have meatl chasis weigh a decent ammount just in th chasis...

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