Elements_DCR Sunday, 7/30/2023

Hello everyone,

I don´t have any great knowledge to share. I just want to greet everyone and share my story. When I was very young my mom gave me a bunch of matchbox cars. That was thirty something years ago. Now I have a kid of my own and figured I might do the same. So I bought a bunch. My son is four months old so he is too young to play with them. I was looking at them and could not resist opening a some and then some more. I was like hmm I should probably buy some hot wheels track. So I went back to the shop and bough the track. I was visiting my parents at the time I show cars and track to my dad and told him we are gonna build the track to test the cars. We had crazy fun and our wifes thought we are crazy.

I had an idea to check youtube if there are any cool tracks. People do weird things and someone must have build a crazy hotweels track for sure. Oh boy what I found... 

I spend couple weeks going through anything diecast racing related. This site has been a huge help. I bough crazy amount of hotwheels and now I am learning to make them go faster. It is slow process but I am improving. I have mastered the art of neatly opening the car and screwing it together! 

Below is my first modded car. He was pretty beat up and did not roll at all. Could not even make it the end of the track. I cleaned him. Gave him a new paint. Swapped wheels, polished them. Added weight so he is now sitting at 50g. Installed basic suspension. Sanded wheels and put some graphite in. He is way faster now but not very fast compared to other cars even straight out of the box. I am still very proud of him! 

 I am not very crafty person and this process is very slow and painful for me. I messed up many many cars. Everything looks easy on youtube but I seem to be learning everything hard way. Wrong screws, wrong bits, broken bits, bending axles, glueing axles the wrong way, jamming wheels by runaway glue you name it I did it.

What I learned is that it is hard to make a fast car. I have yet to make one. You go into this thinking I do everything from how to make fast car checklist to this car and it is going to be speed demon. It seems to not be working that way. So far I only managed minor improvements or made things worse speed wise. It seems to me you have to start from already fast car to make a very fast car.

Oh yeah this is my fastest car so far. His name is Karl. You probably wonder why I have two. So I bough like a 30 cars and Karl beat them all. He not only beat them he smoked them. All cars he beat were new and Karl was a surprise gift from some second hand shop where I bought a bunch of hot wheels track. I wondered why he is so fast tracked down the pack he was from and bought the second Karl. Second Karl is even faster than original one.

And then I was watching random Spool Heads Racing video and almost fell from the chair when he said "this corvette happens to be the fastest car that we have" and he reached out for Karl! Man there is something about this Corvette... 

As you can see I am having fun. I would like to thank everyone sharing their knowledge. You guys rock. I love watching you race and admire your work.

Take care!


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redlinederby 7/30/23
Site manager

Welcome to the hobby! It looks like you're well on your way. I'm glad the website has been a good reference. More than a decade of knowledge sitting around just waiting to inspire folks.

Thanks for sharing your story and I hope you keep sharing as you keeping falling further down the rabbit hole. Happy racing!

  • Yes this site is quite extraordinary. Whenever I am in the mood I delve into the archives feeling like Indiana Jones looking for buried secrets of racing. — Elements_DCR

I'm still new to this, too. Haven't started modding yet. Scary stuff to jump into for sure. Good luck with your mods and let us know if you get into any races so we can root for you

  • Thanks. I noticed you started at around the same time as me. So I am watching your progress with interest (: — Elements_DCR
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dr_dodge 7/31/23

Welcome!  I've been modding for speed since last thanksgiving, so total rookie here.

I've yet to build a real fast car, but, I just keep building them!

hope to get better with time!

with the level of quality builds that come out of this place,

it's a mighty high bar, for sure!! 


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