Happy 4th of July, folks

redlinederby Friday, 7/3/2020
Site manager

I know this 4th might be a little different than some in the past, but I hope you can all enjoy some fun outside with family and friends...maybe do a little racing, and shoot off a few fireworks of your own while you're at it.

It's been a crazy summer so far and it doesn't sound like the craziness will be ending anytime soon (at least around here). But if we all think smart, be safe, and be courteous, things will be okay and we'll all get through it just fine.

It's also been an incredible summer here at Redline Derby. There's been so many new member that I probably haven't been able to welcome everyone appropriately, so to those that have gotten here within the past month or so - WELCOME - and I hope you're having fun discovering the wonderful world of diecast racing. Whether you're here because you saw some YouTube videos or here because you're looking to compete, just share your fun and that makes us happy.

Here at Redline Derby HQ in Ohio, things are finally getting back to normal after a Spring flood took my basement and racing equipment out of commission. I'm excited to revisit my track and think about how to build a better one that can incorporate some of the wide-lane racing we're all enjoying so much. I'll be sharing that journey once it starts.

So, again, thanks to all our members and visitors for your support. I hope Redline Derby Racing continues to be a regular stop for your diecast racing needs and that you leave here excited to try new things and race.

Happy racing!


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Mattman213 7/3/20

Glad to hear things are on the up-tick for yall out there.  Our...well, MY annual 4th party (its MY holiday) will be way way way way way smaller than usual as far as attendance but the show will still go on.  Im already looking forward to 2021 but we will make the best of what we have and who we have it with!

Happy 4th all!


Thanks for having me and happy 4th to all!

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LeagueofSpeed 7/3/20
Event coordinator

Happy Birthday America

I Love my Country and I'm Thankful to the Founding Father's for the tenacity and perseverance for shaping this great land...

...Happy 4th of July to All who still love the Flag

Happy 4th

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Mayfield41 7/3/20

Anybody else gonna blow up losing cars. In my case it's all of them.

God bless us everyone. Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy Birthday Mom!

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LeagueofSpeed 7/4/20
Event coordinator

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Mayfield41 7/4/20

What's everyone cookin, anything good...

I'm cookin truck for Sub4ra truck racing.

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