Is diecast gravity racing exclusively in the United States ?

Deedose Thursday, 2/3/2022

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I recently discovered this hobby when a 3DBotMaker video popped up on my Youtube recommended page . I was amazed at what could be done with some model cars and imagination . I like engineering challenges , so I decided to build a track and a car of my own . While searching for ways to build my own track yesterday , I discovered this forum , and was pretty excited about it , but also confused . It doesn't look like this type of race happen elsewhere than the united states , ans I'm french . I would love to send my own cars to race , or to host a tournament , but a whole ocean is separing me from most of the community . So I was wondering : is there any european race hoster , or car builder , in Europe ?


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There are several in UK, Germany and Italy. Australia, New Zealand and even Texas. Look in the Track Directory, it usually shows location.

  • That's true , thank you for the response ! — Deedose
  • I realize Texas is like a whole other country, but it is still on this side of the Atlantic... LOL — TexTenn_Racing
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redlinederby 2/3/22
Site manager

Just based on what I've seen here over the years, the US is obviously a big market for it but with pretty large communities in UK and New Zealand as well. Good chunk in Canada too. I know it is (or at least was) a pretty big deal over in Malayasia too...some massive tracks being run over there.

I'm really not that aware of much in Western Europe outside of Britain...which sounds like to me you can get in on the ground floor of starting a Trans-European club and circuit.

And yeah...don't forget to add your track the Track Directory here on the site. Show off your build and see what others have done too.

At present I‘ve started doing exactly the same thing which I did as a kid more than 50 years ago, with the same set, here in Germany.

I know of a few guys doing mail-races from a German fb group which brought me to this group.

Now I‘m planning to upgrade what I have with JHLKrafts hardware and a longer track to build a Quarter Mile drag strip.

And I‘m beginning to modify my first cars for mail-ins on this page here.

 I’m kinda used to proxy racing from 1/24th vintage slot cars all over Europe and will definitely host my first mail-in race later this year.

Of course I‘ll try to attract this small German group of racers as well and draw them to this our community. It’s been great fun for me here already and I‘ll try to contibute to this community in the very near future ... 

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TuxMcBea 2/4/22

True enough the biggest base for racing is in the USA. Canada, Australia and New Zealand are growing fast, but Europe seems to be at the back of the pack.
There is plenty of racing going on in UK, mostly via Facebook groups, but very few mail in tournaments. The only one I am currently aware of is at Rileys Racing
As suggested by the Boss up above, perhaps this could be an opportunity to create a Euro base and grow it yourself?

There are heaps of tracks all over the world. You can see a lot of them in our DSPN/DRN reports, where we showcased at least 30-40 tracks at a time and that was still only scratching the surface. 

  • When I looked at your comment.... It really knocked the ball out of the park! Well said, and done mate! — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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41-14 2/4/22

 Been racing since 2017 with Diecast 64 and Redline Racing and a few other groups. I believe when I started I was the only one from Canada sending cars to the states to race. Now I see lots from up north. The sport has grown exponentially since I got involved. Way more competitive also. I've been away from it due to health issues but I'm hoping one day to return. But it's nice to see it still going strong 

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marklt9999 2/4/22

I'm uk based

Hello from Sabadell, Spain!
Like many here, I was introduced to this hobby by watching the 3DBotmaker videos (thanks to 3D!) and have been building a track in the basement of my comic shop ever since.
Unfortunately, I can only invest in creating the tracks and recording videos for 15-20 minutes a day, but on Instagram (should i put the link?) 
I am getting a lot of acceptance, especially with fans from Indonesia, the United States and Brazil.
In Europe and specifically in Spain, from what I see, there is almost nothing.

There's one in Italy too that pops up on youtube.... 

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Kevblokey 2/6/22


Kevblokey from My Hot Wheels Collection here, I run a racing channel here in the U.K. I'm trying my hardest to promote U.K. Diecast racing, but with limited success. I thought about doing a mail in tournament in the past, but I fear that with shipping rates from the US, Asia & Australasia being high, that such an idea would be poorly supported. Therefore I run my tournaments using cars from my own collection.

Anyway, feel free to follow my channel if you wish



  • Kev, mate, would send you cars if asked. Cheers, and always great to see your races. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • I'll put my thinking cap on in that case — Kevblokey
  • Since I´m mainly interested in drag racing (as of now) I´d love to send some cars to you! — Bavarian_Diecast_Racing

One of my faves is Top Driver in Italy!

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Kastanets 2/15/22

I'm from Spain, and I'm another "victim" of 3dBootmaker too. He discovered me this world, but I have to admit that seeing Chaos Canyon, diecastracerx and Gravity Throttle was when I really thought about doing a track. And I'm on it. But sloooowly and, the big problem, without a permanent space to have it. 

I have been searching for local racing clubs, but I have not found any. I've only found a few customizers here in Spain.

Let see if we can make a mail-in tournament soon in this side of the Atlantic!

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