Looking for other UK Based Racers.

VulcanRaceway Tuesday, 10/20/2020

Greetings Diecast Racing fans, Sharky here from Sharky's Garage, 


and the Voice behind Vulcan Raceway, in Watton, Norfolk. England.

I am looking to connect with other UK based racers.

My Facebook page is:- www.facebook.com/Sharkys-Garage-RC-and-more-105725481272460/


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TuxMcBea 11/11/20

Only just spotted this one, not been on RLD for a couple of weeks.
I'm up in the East Midlands near Derby/Nottingham. Kev Blokey is not a million miles from you down in Kent I believe.

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RobertBcfc 11/11/20

Not that far from me, I'm just outside Colchester 

Emile Abed, who sometimes writes for DRR is in Liverpool.  And Davron of Fractal Panda is in Scotland somewhere.

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TuxMcBea 11/12/20

I was just about to link to a UK based racing group on Farcebook, but then I realised it is yours. Doh!
This is a link to a virtual map of Cliff International Raceway members that I have made, it has about 16 in the UK.

Im from New Amsterdam lol

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