New forum section added, minor site updates

redlinederby Friday, 7/21/2023
Site manager

In an effort to better organize some topics, a new section of the forum has been created: Hosting & Operations

This section is for discussion about everything that goes into running races, hosting, event planning, content production, club management, social media, all that stuff. There are a lot of great articles that get buried due to the overwhelming amount of posts about specific races and events.

Speaking of which, the Tournaments & Events section should now be reserved for posts just about races and events. All the race sign-up posts will still go here but this is where y'all should also make posts to promote your race, share videos from races, and anything like that.

You'll also probably notice the link to "See more" topics on the front page now goes to the Forum proper. The list of topics is also on that Forum page along with the main sections and collection tags, so you can still browse to see what's new like always.

Other changes include the "Members" section has been renamed as "Standings." This is a change in name only...all the stats and such still live there. It just made more sense and Standings will be used more regularly in the near-ish future.

The main site navigation has also been updated to include links to the forum and calendar directly. 

I had hoped to have more significant changes done by now but I've been finding it increasingly difficult to finagle this old site into doing what I want. This version of the site is over 5 years old which is an eternity in internet time and tech. I'm basically trying to shove new parts into an old car...that can be fun but sometimes you just need to suck it up and get a new car.

If you have any questions or hit any problems, please PM or email me directly so I can take a look and fix any issues. 


Great job I really like it. The standings are a really cool feature. I have more looking around to do but so far so good. Thank you for all your hard work. This site is amazing 

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dr_dodge 7/21/23

How about, for the open to the public tracks, could we get a "repeting event" flag/flyer/thingy?

I have been reluctant to post our schedule (club does it on FB) and the races because I don't want people confused that we are doing NO mail in proxy races at this time...only walk in

plan on it in the future, but not now,

and I am also seperate from those guys  (dr dodge racing  vs slot car club buddies),

so I don't mind putting their stuff up here,
and somewhat managing it, because no one else wants to do it...
but it's not dr dodge

would it be possible seperate from me?

love the work you are doing!  keep it up!!

I stumbled on a race from almost 12 years ago the other day great fun!

love the archieves


  • Your idea is spot on and has been on my list for a while. These updates should lay some groundwork to add more. Just need to stay motivated to get 'er done. — redlinederby


would it be possible to reactivate the red marker for non read article? Since the update, i have no difference anymore on new or changed articles. If i open the forum everything looks the same.

Great idea and thank you for your great work!!!

  • Good call. It looks like the flags are still on the later pages but not that first. I'll work on getting it back to that first listing. — redlinederby
  • Thank you! It works again! — Schottys_diecast
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