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When: Sunday, February 5, 2017

I would like to see a race of the mid 70’s-early 90’s cars. They still produce these “Blackwall” wheels today, but let’s race some vintage cars here!!! These wheels were built for looks over speed. Dig through your collection, or dig one up on ebay and see if you can coax some speed out of a vintage car. You’ll have two shots to win, and two tracks to compete on. The first race would be for the stock,un-drilled vintage Blackwall car. Second race is for you Modified racers, take your vintage Blackwall car and upgrade the wheels/alxes to 5SP


Original blackwall cars had these wheels

produced from 1977-1997. 

Rules & Restrictions

        Weight: zero to 75g maximum
    • Size restrictions: length 3-1/8 and height must fit Drag tracks finish line 1.3in high.

    • Cars per entrant: one car per class

    • Brand, Hot Wheels, Blackwall wheels 1975-1995

    • Wheel limitations, requirements; No FTEs, wheels or axles. 

    • Cars allowed:            1st car, truck van stock/un-drilled blackwall , dry lubes only, 75g max weight, these wheels seen below

    • Cars allowed: Must be drilled rivits:            2nd car, truck, van Drilled original black wall casting, NO FTE axles, or wheels. 5sp wheels/axles only as seen below

    • Dry lubes only both classes

    • Misc requirements, In the spirit of the race, let’s find and race vintage cars from the mid 70’s-early 90’s. Please pick a casting that originated in this range.



I will have prizes for 1st in each class, if you want to add to the prize pool, feel free to send them along with your race cars

How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.

If you want your cars returned please provide return shipping fees for your cars. If you win in either class I will return your shipping cost.

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.

WANT YOUR CARS BACK?  Provide return shipping... Winners will have shipping $$$ returned

Where to send your cars

Chris Taylor

441 Reeves

Pinckney, MI 48169-9797

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

All entries must be received by the host before February 3rd 2017

Scoring and Winning

1 pt per win, single elimination for both classes.


Racers honor, I will weigh the cars… but you know what you did….

Tracks & Dates

Single race, single host.

1st track  for “stock Blackwalls” My standard set up seen here

2nd track for “modified Blackwalls” My “low and slow” track set up seen here


I will have team photos, and slo-mo video all the races.


Join in! Play with your cars! 

These fine folks have expressed an interest.


K&O racing


Delta 6


Voxxer racing





I'm in, TE!

If you'd like to extend it to another track, I can run them...let me know!

Ok, let me mull it over

had to rifle through 10 boxes, but i found the "huge" black wall tired - shock factor... MOC.... flipped it over, not only does it have a hot rod style base, it has a front bumper... yeh, baby ! ... anyone got pix ?

1997 release coll. #700

This guy Smitty? I have one...

yup... 34 coupe, a-ok, midnite otto, i'll be hogging wheel wells for these babies...

Watching a couple of cars on eBay. Hopefully I'll have something to enter.


Got a good start on my 2nd track car today... 5SP swap done...

One for each class for TSR.

I think I have a candidate for the 5sp race...

And this metal on metal Gen 3 Camaro is fairly speedy, so I might have that one nailed down too...

Or, maybe the Hy-Jacker Pontiac will be my 5sp...I'll have to see what I can come up with :)

Trucks should be hefty... very cool choices

Need clarification .     Rules states  " Black Wall Casting."    Understand .   5 spoke mag for modified race. However, as rules listed, the wheels can be any color.   Thx.   Voxxer Racing Pre - Production Department     

@ Voxxer, 

I thought the rules were clear, but I did some cutting and pasting and the outline form seems to not like that.  I do appreciate you checking and asking prior to your build. I have gone back and cleaned up the auto text in the form. but the rules are the same. You are correct I never said the 5SP wheels must be black

I thought for the "modified class" the 5SP black wheel as shown here was most widely used, and modern day replacement for the original Blackwall wheels. Keeping with the spirit of the event, I would suggest black wheels...


1st class, stock Blackwall wheels, undrilled casting

2nd class, 5SP wheels/axles drilled rivits, casting that originally came with Blackwalls.

please ask questions... I'm here to help

I do have a question about the type of car,van or truck.  Is this race for just real vehicles and not for any Fantasy/Future cars from that era? 

ANY car, truck or van... real or imagined 70's early 90's

Thanks for the fast reply.  Have a great day.

After some test runs this weekend, here are my current "fast" blackwalls. Not sure what can be done about speeding them up...

Have you tried straightening the axles on the Baja Breaker?
the whole truck is pretty beat, lots on wheel to axle play... no fixing that

Is it required to enter one in each class, or could you just enter one of the classes?

one class is fine... two is better...

I just joined and I have a total of 15 cars, with no track (yet). So, I'm just starting to get the terms straight. This would be an original black wall? Right?..It was in my tiny pile,

I'm in!...I'll get whatever I have to get!

Note to self: Get (make) a track....Buy a scale...And don't tell anyone your eBay name, they'll start hating.

The wheels on that Mustang are "Hot Ones" type... and would not qualify for the Stock class... But if you drilled it apart and put the 5SP wheels on as shown above it would work. since the casting is from the correct time range. 

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

both accepted wheel types are shown at the top of this thread. 

All wheel types are listed here...  BW and 5SP are accepted for this race.

Got it! That link is exactly what I needed....Thanks

BTW, that black mustang above is a fine looking car

Is the 75g the total for both cars?

75g in each class.

Would it help, or is it even necessary, to specify "Mattel production black 5 spoke wheels"?

Very few of us have access to engineered, milled, or 3D printed wheels.

I bought this one last summer at a beach store. It was in a bag with other good-conditioned Blackwalls. The infamous funny car!

Tracksurgeon Racing has hired a madman named Aven to drive: "All hail Master Castrol! Hahahahahaha!"

fine looking Firebird
Is that a woman? Your friend has some skills at drawing gorgeous gals!
I drew that on my own.

@Delta6, I understand your point, but I would hope that at this point everyone understands what wheels/axles are acceptable.

I look forward to seeing your Blackwall choice and what you build for the Mod class.

lets all remember we are playing with toy cars... enjoy it and the others that do the same.

I've found an even faster funny car.

Love this video! Watching the cars was a flashback to my 1970s tournaments and I laughed out loud at the shots of folks looking for cars.

In an effort to build excitement...

Nice video

I am interested, I think I have this one covered...

Nice rides, original Dixe Challenger... Nice. Some minty hard to finds there
Surprisingly not crazy expensive, compared to redlines at least. Most can be had for $20, the bus was difficult to find minty

Just a quick question, TE...didn't you originally have a 'no funny cars' line in your rules?

I did in the original post, but not this thread. With the 75g max.. no reason to exclude them

Just confirming that graphite is allowed on the stock cars yeah?

Yup... Dry lubes ok in both classes

I am very interested in this and ill see what I can dig up

can't wait to see your cars

I am interested.  I will enter a car in each class. 

Also.  Some 5 spoke wheels come in red or blue.  Not all of them are silver.  Were not going to get picky on color?  It has no affect on function. 

Welcome! glad to have you racing with us. I understand your comment, silver sharpie? just for looks.

Less than 2 weeks to ship your cars out!!!   Don't be late!!! Get those racers in the mail!!!

Well, I scoured my mid 90's box....I've got an '95 Enforcer # 461 and '95 Turbo Streak # 470, but they already have the 5 spoke, so no swap out and modify choice....I will watch and enjoy the racing. Good Luck to All!!!! 

Got cars in the mail today from undercoverbuick.  To my knowledge a new racer here, WELCOME!  Cars arrived safe and sound... 

How many entries do you have so far?
yours are the only cars in house... so far

Maybe I needed to do more R&D lol

I’ve had my stock car for a while. Picked these three up for cheap, putting new kicks on the Corvette and should get my cars shipped out early this week.

How did you pull the shell off the funnycar?
Used a dremel. I'll be JB Welding it back together. It's not going to be opening anymore. :)

Cars away!


Cars delivered

I'll update this thread as cars arrive. Voxxer's cars are here.

Please respond if you have cars on the way. I think I'm waiting on the following


K&O racing





I am going to ship tomorrow if thats ok.

ok, watching the mail box
Did 2 day mail Thurs, should be there Sat

I'm sorry, I totally forgot about this. I won't be in it, time got away.


I totally had the wrong date in my head, so hopefully my cars make it in time.  They're in the mail.  Tracking number 9505 5130 0646 7032 1247 53

Expected arrival is Saturday.  If they don't make it, don't make everyone wait for me.  You can still race on Sunday.

thanks for the update.

Could I mail my stock entry today and have it arrive by Monday?

this is the weekend I have time to race/video... sorry... original post 11/22/16

Delivered and ready to race as of 2/3/17





Delta 6

Traction Event

Am I waiting on anyone other gtaman for Saturday delivery? it would be nice for the brackets with 8 in each class... but it looks like we'll have 7...

TEAM SHOTS stock on the left, Modified on the right

Brackets for today's racing




This race is in the books... For the dark cars I placed a neon green sticker on the top for easier viewing on the dark track. 

Small turnout, but that seems to be the norm around here these days... Some fast cars, and fast rookies... but only one would rise to the top in each class. Sit back and enjoy the Super Bowl pre-race.

I'll have a full rundown after everyone has seen the videos


Nice job, how the heck do i always get voxxer first round :)
I hear ya, but if you want to be the gotta beat the best.

Thanks to all who entered, it’s the members on the forum that keep racing alive.

Voxxer built some fast hot rods for this race, and we all got to see the backs of those cars. Congrats on a solid win.


Good builds all around, other than Voxxer’s cars the field looked pretty close. UCB, great first effort here, but Delta 6 tracked down your Modified car on the low track. Great race.  If we were running the high track the result could have been different. GTAman’s Stocker was a fast car, but rolled snake eyes in the first round and drew Voxxer.  Don’t feel bad we all got beat. I only beat my son in one round… got hear about it all weekend…lol.  CCRiders “Modgoose” was well built and great to look at. UCB’s stocker was heavy and fast… great choice on casting.


I will be sending cars and prizes out by the end of the week.

I know my car was pretty fast (2.25 second quarter), I have a timer finish line, I should have graphited it.

I already know 2 changes I am going to make to the Buick.  I think the small tire in front kills it on the top end.  I put too much emphasis on weight placement vs. having the car make maximum weight.  Clearly, that kills it on the top end. 

That's the 3rd Jet Threat II that I've built and gotten positive results. Specifically that one had no polished axles, no added weight(no room for it) and just some graphite on the wheels. Wonder what another 20 grams would've done?

Thanks to the host!

Congrats to the winner!

Congrats Voxxer! Great cars everyone! Thanks for hosting a fun race TE!

all cars and prizes are mailed back to their owners... please let me know when you get your cars back. 

wow, thanks for the cars!

Quite the goodie box of cars! Lots of potential in there!Thank you very much!

Thanks so much

Thanks for the action!

Great video !!

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