Track Building and BuyingQuestion about the Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway

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Guys,I see that several of you use this track.My question,is the worth the $120 bucks(with tax) that TRU is charging??

Would one be better off just building a 4 laner if they wanted more than a two car drag race??



The LJLRC used to race their Monster Trucks on one; they're good, though you probably COULD build a better one if you have the time, space, material, knowledge, skill, etc. (or other people who have those things). If you do decide to get a 6-lane track, here's one that SEEMS to be cheaper (though I didn't read the details):

There's also the four-lane raceway with the gray track; I have that and it works well, though I'm not sure if it's worth the approximately $50 I saw it on eBay for while looking for the other thing. The 6-lane track is definitely the better of the two for racing Monster Trucks if you ever decide to try that, though both do work.

I've never used the 6-lane playset and I know my homebrew track cost more than $120 once everything was said and done (but not by much)...but I don't think I would have been as happy with the playset as I am with my custom build.

I think the main advantage of the 6-lane set is storage and a good finish line. If you have limited space and need to setup and take down all the time, it will serve you well, for sure. My first track was a fold-up track too because I couldn't leave it up all the time.

I guess for me, if my budget was say $150 for a track, then I'd rather spend that towards assembling good parts together than buying a one-and-done set. That's just me...I like having some hand in creating things, it's a curse.

if you can buy it cheap... fine... but i don't think it is a very good TRACK... starter works ok... finish is good... track is poor and has rough transitions... i have one i never use anymore, PM me... when i race for the kids i build a dual lane track and give it away after we race... event sponsors love me for it keeps the kids and folks around longer...

Thanks guys on the ideas.I too enjoy the building about as much as the racing..

Have the tools  and enjoy woodworking..

I would like to race some monster trucks too though.Been watching too much u-tube I guess..

PM coming Smitty..

Big thanks again for you guys and this cool site..


Monster Trucks CAN be raced on a homemade track, as the LJLRC does since they now have four lanes flush against each other on another track.
If that would be the deciding factor.
If you have tools and talent then making your own will be best
pix are in the LJLRC 1st modded race topic
Thanks guys,that is what I'll do..

The track build will be a fun project.One could go ahead and make a 6 lane..Attach some of the track to the start tower and drop...

pm. dadvbal, he built the johnnies 4 laner...

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